Creating 700 crorepatis makes all the difference, employee wealth creation matters.


It’s been a month since Freshworks went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The hugely successful IPO marks a seminal moment for the Indian startup ecosystem. It has officially put Indian entrepreneurs and companies alongside global giants and has paved the way for more such global successes stemming from India. 

I was among the lucky, fortunate ones to have gotten the opportunity to be part of the historic event. And as I stood there watching Girish ring the opening bell, the enormity of the event hit me. The event wasn't just a milestone for India and its startup ecosystem, but was a truly transformative, special moment for our people. 

Since the IPO, pages and pages worth of articles have been written about the impact of this one company's IPO. The news articles talk about how Girish and Freshworks have put India on the global map, created hundreds of millionaires through the IPO, inspired thousands of Indians the world over to dream big, and so much more.


For me though, the biggest deal has been the impact on people. 

Over the last decade, thousands of smart, talented individuals bet on a relatively understated, unknown man and company, and joined him in his vision to build something from scratch. Hundreds of people gave up well-paying stable comfortable jobs to join a startup. People with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, including me, took inspiration from his faith and vision, and started their own companies. 

Every single one of them has won bountiful rewards from the IPO. 

People who came from financially modest backgrounds have become crorepatis. So many dedicated professionals with no fancy degrees but the determination and hard work to build companies are now rich enough to own luxury cars. Employees with the desire to set out on their own have the financial resources they need to start up. 

Simply put, the amount of wealth created for people from the IPO, and the kind of impact it has had on their lives and that of their families, is almost unbelievable. 

I see right before me so many of my former Zarget colleagues experiencing this. When my first startup Zarget was acquired by Freshworks, it was valued at around $14 million. Today, the product, renamed Freshmarketer, is worth over $250+ million. Dozens of employees who joined Freshworks as part of the acquisition have not just risen the ranks and built successful careers but have also turned into wealthy individuals.

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When I started hiring people for Zarget, most of them gave up safe, well-paying jobs to join my startup purely based on the promise I made to them that Zarget will give them both a solid foundation for their career and good financial growth.

 Today, I’m delighted that we’ve fulfilled both of these promises. 

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Over the last 15 years in the industry, I've seen many many successful companies, many products that have changed the course of businesses, and many ideas that have transformed SaaS. But there's no company that has created the kind of wealth that Freshworks has. As a startup founder myself, I’ve had the joy of seeing up close, how a successful company can create wealth and elevate the lives of people. Reminiscing and reflecting on all this now feels all the more special because I’m now building my second startup, 

Now, I have an example in Freshworks to follow, and a story to take inspiration from. I can dream big like Girish did and work towards being the next company to create hundreds of millionaires from India. I'm honored to be among the few founders with the opportunity to take the baton over from Freshworks and perhaps build the next company that will create billions of dollars of wealth.

If you would like to join me in this, and believe you're a superhero who can make this dream come true, write to me at

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