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Service desk

A ridiculously powerful ticketing system to track, prioritize, and resolve your client requests

Time tracking

Time is money, especially if you're an MSP. Track time spent on each ticket with our in-built time tracker. We make sure not a second slips through the cracks.

Task templates

Create to-dos for all your recurring issues and attach them to your tickets because solving repetitive issues shouldn't sap your energy.

Reply templates

Create templates for repeated replies that you send. Sending the same reply every-time shouldn't feel like a chore!

Kanban view

Identify bottlenecks at a glance. With SuperOps you can visualize work by technicians, clients, tasks, among others.

Home screen

The home screen in SuperOps houses all your recent tickets, alerts, patches, approvals, mentions — you name it, we have it on your home screen. A place where you can customize everything you want to see/know at first glance.


Set SLAs based on impact and urgency. And if things don't look all that rosy, you can set automatic escalations as well. Set once, forget forever.

Customer satisfaction survey

How well is your team delivering the right experience? Stop double-guessing the answer to this question with a simple CSAT survey sent after every closed/resolved ticket.

Client management

Why hop on to 4 different tools when you can manage it all in one?

Contract management

Get contract details from email, browse your notes for more information about additional services. Connect your favorite accounting software to generate contracts instantly — all using SuperOps.


A single click and all the details from your tickets and contracts get pulled into your invoice. Get ready, because it's going to be payday!

Product catalog

Picking the right service/product for your client should take seconds, not hours. Define, list, and choose products you offer that in an instant!

Lightweight CRM

Go from prospect to loyal customer, from discovery email to onboarding email — all in one place. With our built-in CRM, you will never lose context throughout the customer journey.


Automate. Because work needs to happen even when you're asleep.

Event triggers

Create actions based on a predetermined set of conditions/events because being proactive is the best way to avoid disasters.

TIme triggers

You will never have another customer complaining about your technician not getting back on time. You can set up escalations based on your SLAs.


Put all the context and knowledge you've built over the years to use so you'll never be waiting for approvals. Say hello to runbooks.


You can initiate approvals for all your essential tasks with a single click. Runbooks ensure that approvals will never slip through the cracks.

Task templates

Define to-dos for all tickets related to a particular issue. You'll never have to think, "What should I be doing next?"

Reply templates

Configure replies and automatically send them to your requesters with a single click.

Project management

Big projects come with complexities, and you need all hands on deck to succeed. Plan, set milestones, assign responsibilities, fix deadlines and do much more to see projects through to completion.


Create intuitive charts that bring your data to life. Build custom reports that bring important metrics to the spotlight. Track your team’s performance with everyday operations, and check your progress towards your short and long-term goals. Share scheduled reports with clients to increase transparency and build long-lasting relationships.

Policy management

Thanks to the hard switch between two policy types, you'll never be confused thinking, "Have I configured the right policy?"

Hierarchical policy

Define policies at the client, site, and device level, because having a simpler environment shouldn't be penalized.

Group-based policy

Need to 'group' assets under the same policies? No problem, we got you covered with our group-based policy. Better yet, you can customize policies to the minutest of details.


You can write custom scripts in Powershell and VB to automate tasks across Windows operating systems.

Patch management

Enable proactive patch management because why open up your devices to vulnerabilities? You can create, schedule, and automate patches for all your Windows devices, never leaving anything to chance. What's more, our clean interface gives you an overview of all the updated patches (and the ones that haven't).

Alert management

Flag the fire before it rages with custom alerts for all your end-points using pre-set conditions. Get rid of the noise and focus on the issues that truly matter using industry-first, AI-powered intelligent alerting. Tackle issues proactively, eliminate distractions, increase your operational efficiency and grow your ROI.

Asset management

You now get all your essential asset information just a glance away. Pull all critical information about all the windows devices easily. You can quickly discover and inventory the assets in your clients' networks using our discovery agent. Because our service desk is unified with your RMM, you will have data about the affected asset inside each ticket.

IT documentation

Bring your asset knowledge and IT documentation together. Connect the dots between data, organize your documents, and build a structured framework to keep the information you need at your fingertips.

System tray icons

Make life easier for your clients by giving them an instant way to reach you and interact with your MSP. Set up system tray icons to help clients navigate and access frequently performed actions with ease, right from their device’s taskbar.


IP whitelisting

Restrict access based on IP ranges. Do we need to say more?


To ensure our platform only serves your needs and wants, you can set up 2-factor authentication. It's a double-check to ensure it's only you using your SuperOps instance.

Password policy

Define what a strong password is for you and your technicians and ensure they follow them. It implies your clients too.


Enjoy a truly unified PSA, RMM experience


Everything you and your technicians need to stay in sync, meet SLAs, and deliver world-class service every single time