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5 reasons Datto pales in comparison to SuperOps


Tools that don’t talk to each other

  • Yes, Datto has a strong RMM suite. But you’re still relying on stitched tools, insane onboarding costs, and hours of training to run your MSP.
  • SuperOps is a truly unified PSA-RMM platform built for modern MSPs, without the unnecessary complexities of the typical MSP software.
  • You don’t have to work across multiple tools to get a single view of your business anymore.


A PSA that is ridiculously hard to use

  • Datto doesn’t have an in-built PSA. You have to integrate with Autotask, a PSA too vast, convoluted, and hard to set up.
  • Why spend so much on features you won’t use, only to lose out on ones you actually need?
  • No side conversations
  • Limited collaboration on tickets
  • Limited email-to-ticket functionalities
  • Overwhelming user interface
  • Extensive training to set up simple workflows


An interface that is straight out of 2000s

  • Datto is constantly updating its outdated UI, resulting in an inconsistent user experience. You’re never really done learning how things work.
  • The latest UI update has the users split between the old UI and the new UI, which can be further exhausting. 
  • SuperOps interface is intentionally simple, which your technicians will love to use and not just put up with.

Losing hundreds of hours implementing your PSA? Switch to a PSA that stays true to what matters the most to MSPs.

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A platform that is stuck in the past

  • You can’t solve future problems with a legacy tool built for the past.
  • SuperOps is a future-ready, automation-led, and AI-first PSA-RMM platform built for modern MSPs.
  • With us, you are better prepared for the problems of today and tomorrow.


A vendor that left clients at Kaseya's mercy

  • Kaseya has spent $6.2 billion on Datto, and they will expect a return on that investment.
  • Datto users already report price hikes, poor support, and pushback for signing new contracts.
  • The entire acquisition has been terribly distracting for customers and it could be just the start.


We have our customers vouch for us!


It's a simple and intuitive interface. It brings a nice dash of colour. Cosmetic, I know, but to me, it's important to have a platform that you enjoy using. The automation is great...And there is a superb team of very fast responders to help you every step of the way...

Superb and highly developed


Andrew Rowley

Managing Director/IT Consultant, Bright Future Communications Ltd


Disjointed tools hampering your business growth? Say no more! 

SuperOps is the unified PSA-RMM platform modern MSPs need


Why unified?

A unified PSA-RMM empowers technicians to go about their day in one platform as opposed to one too many.


Why intuitive?

Everything a tech needs is right where it should be, so your technicians spend less time learning and more time working.


Why automation-first?

Our workflows are intuitive for anyone to set up. No need to set up complex policies or hire an automation engineer or sit through training.


Why transparent?

We have nothing to hide. We are transparent in everything, including our pricing, product roadmap, and any decision impacting our customers.


Why zero contracts?

We don’t believe in keeping our customers hostage. We believe in winning them every single day.