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Webroot + SuperOps

Protect your client networks in SuperOps by integrating with Webroot.







What is Webroot

Webroot is cybersecurity software that protects networks and computers against a range of online threats such as ransomware, phishing, viruses, identity theft, and other digital dangers.

This integration enables you to monitor an asset's safety status, perform routine scans to identify and remove malicious code, and keep your client's network safe and secure.


Why connect Webroot and SuperOps

Easy site-mapping

Connect your Webroot sites with clients in SuperOps and keep your databases in sync.

Real-time status monitoring

Keep track of whether your asset antivirus software is up to date, or in need of your attention.

Scan and clean up assets remotely

Scan and remove any suspicious elements in your client's assets remotely, right from within SuperOps.

Complete network protection

Add Webroot to your asset antivirus policy to roll out antivirus protection for all your client assets at scale.


How to set up Webroot for SuperOps

  • Get started by navigating to Settings and click 'Marketplace'

  • You will see the list of available integrations; click Integrate next to the Webroot app

  • Connect Webroot by following the pre-requisites within Webroot and providing all the necessary information

  • Click 'Connect' to start syncing up your Webroot sites with clients in SuperOps.

Check out our solution article to learn about integrating Webroot with SuperOps in detail.

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