MSPs, You deserve a unified PSA-RMM tool and not just Halo PSA

Choose, the future-ready, truly unified PSA-RMM platform for fast-growing MSPs.

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Why should modern MSPs choose SuperOps over Halo PSA?


Truly unified from the ground up

  • We accept! Halo PSA delivers one of the best PSA solutions in the market.
  • But they were an on-premise software that was later repurposed as a Web App.
  • SuperOps is built from scratch on the cloud by a team with a history of making great SaaS products.


Future-ready, not just feature-ready

  • Halo PSA offers a lot of features. But this might lead to clutter as it is a single solution with no tiers or modular plans.
  • With an intuitive and easy-to-use UI, SuperOps offers the right tools to boost efficiency.
  • The unified PSA-RMM platform provides access to a comprehensive MSP tool without toggling between tabs.


Experience hassle-free onboarding

  • Halo PSA has a huge learning curve - it is not easy to onboard and get it up and running within minutes. 
  • Their onboarding is not free of cost. They offer 8 hours of free onboarding and then charge customers on a per-day basis. 
  • SuperOps offers hassle-free and personalized onboarding at free of cost.

Less than 4 technicians? No support from Halo PSA?

Try SuperOps


Make your technicians fall in love with the software

  • Huge learning curve.” “Cluttered set-up.” “Overwhelming UI.” These are a few phrases that better describe Halo PSA.
  • SuperOps' unified MSP tool with the best-in-class UI.
  • It makes it easier for technicians to navigate without getting lost in an overkill of features.


Save cost as you scale

  • Halo PSA is not a unified PSA-RMM platform. This is a huge barrier to MSPs who want access to a full-suite MSP tool.
  • With Halo PSA you have to pay for a separate RMM tool. The costs climb as you scale.
  • SuperOps offers you a complete suite of PSA-RMM features in unified pricing without penalizing you for growth.


Instant resolutions anywhere, anytime

  • Halo PSA’s support? Next to nonexistent, according to their own customers.
  • Halo PSA takes too long to respond to customer queries, making it harder to get resolutions to critical issues.
  • With SuperOps, you get immediate responses from our support experts via call, email, and chat round the clock.


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