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Pax8 + SuperOps

Manage and automate cloud subscriptions for your clients by integrating with Pax8.







What is Pax8

Pax8 is the industry’s leading cloud commerce marketplace that enables MSPs to reliably deliver a diverse array of cloud solutions to their clients. It’s a one-stop shop for different online solutions across categories, from AWS to antivirus software.

With Pax8, MSPs can automate the grunt work and keep all their offerings in one place. Import subscriptions, auto-add them to client contracts, sync updates to Pax8 products with SuperOps, and more.


Why connect Pax8 and SuperOps

Auto-sync Pax8 updates

When the cost of a product in Pax8 changes, they get synced to SuperOps as well. No mismatched pricing for client subscriptions on our watch.

All your offerings in one place

Your items can quickly get scattered across your PSA, Pax8 and your bookkeeping tool. Make SuperOps your single source of truth by importing, mapping and billing clients—all from one place.

Automatic prorate calculation

Need to bill clients before their billing cycle starts? We’ve got you covered. Prorate charges for an increase in quantity get calculated automatically, and you can instantly generate an invoice for it with a click.

Auto-add subscriptions to contracts

When you import your clients and their subscriptions from Pax8, you don’t have to spend time adding them to their contracts. We do it automatically for you!

Override Pax8 pricing

Want to give clients a sweet discount? Add a special custom cost for the product in the client’s contract.


How to set up Pax8 for SuperOps

  • Get started by navigating to Settings and clicking 'Marketplace'

  • You will see the list of available integrations; click Install next to the Pax8 app

  • Next, ensure that you have an active Pax8 account to integrate with.

  • Create a new developer application in Pax8, and provide the Client ID and the Client Secret Key of the app in the configuration screen.

  • Click save to complete the configuration process.

Check out our solution article for a more detailed walkthrough of the integration.

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