Pulseway is a toolbox. SuperOps is a technician’s swiss army knife

Empower your technicians to do more with SuperOps, the one-stop for all your PSA-RMM needs.

No Contract

Reliable Support

No Credit Card Required

Not more. Not less. Do more with just what you need

Why SuperOps is the best alternative to Pulseway

Unified, not integrated

One suite versus a sewed-up stack? It’s a simple choice, really. One suite to go about your day!

Easy navigation

With everything a click away, your technicians have all they need to achieve peak productivity.

First-class support

Not just a software provider, but SuperOps is a strategic partner you can rely on for timely support whenever needed.

Built for MSPs

Enough with the workarounds. Grow effortlessly with a platform that understands the way you work.

No extra charges

Using multiple tools can be costly. We cover you end-to-end, because your money is best invested in employees, not software.

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for software?

Meet SuperOps. Everything you need to run your business is right here. Everything.

Single suite over stitched stack

There is more to integration than converting tickets into alerts. SuperOps makes work easy with powerful PSA-RMM features built to work together from the ground up.


IT documentation? Get a notepad

Critical info can’t live in staff's heads. You need a solution that curbs information sprawl, improves accessibility, and gives your passwords a secure home that’s not excel sheets. Our in-built IT documentation ticks the boxes.


No losing clients due to software limitations

With Pulseway, you’re limited to onboard clients who only manage Windows/Linux OS, due to the lack of Mac support. Broaden your portfolio with advanced Mac support including automated patching, remote access, and more.


We don’t blow our own trumpet

Hear from customers who made the switch to SuperOps