Manish Balaji

Product Marketer



Introducing side conversations—an easy way for MSP technicians to manage their communication

A technician’s life is already challenging on its own. They’re diagnosing issues, they’re fixing things, they’re procuring items for their clients… and in between all of this, they’re constantly communicating with all parties involved.

7 automation-driven ways can maximize your MSP’s productivity

We all want our business to be at its productive best to ensure that we’re making the most of the opportunities we have. But productivity only translates into tangible value when it’s channeled in the right direction.

Cover wins 17 awards across categories from G2 in its Winter 2023 report

G2, one of the world’s best software marketplaces, and a review platform trusted by millions of buyers worldwide, just awarded with 17 badges across categories like Best Support, Best est. ROI, and more. officially steps into the High Performer quadrant in G2’s Winter 2023 announcement.

Subscription management simplified—introducing Pax8 for

The world today runs on SaaS - Software as a Service. It has never been easier to plug in and use software to simplify and automate a variety of business processes. It’s no surprise that businesses, big and small, use a variety of cloud solutions to ramp up their operations. But it’s a different story for MSPs who manage and procure it for their clients.

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