Network monitoring, now part of your unified RMM platform


Say hello to SuperOps’ advanced network monitoring that’s unified with your RMM platform.

Monitoring your client’s devices is at the core of your operations as an MSP or IT admin. But looking at the current network monitoring landscape, a big question still exists:

Why do I still need two separate tools just to monitor my client’s devices?

That’s a fair question to ask because there is a lot that needs to change with the current monitoring landscape:

Broken context

Valuable context that could be used to draw the bigger picture and improve your work across multiple touchpoints is locked away in individual tools. Even with haphazard integrations that try to connect your network monitoring tool to your RMM, the gap is still as wide as ever.

Complicated pricing

Additional costs for sensors, variable costs for different devices—it’s always a difficult math equation that makes it near-impossible to know how much you’ll end up paying until it’s too late. This throws a wrench into ROI calculation and planning a predictable revenue model.

Disjointed experience

When you use two different tools to monitor endpoints and network devices, there are differences in functionality, navigation, user experience, and more, creating an imbalanced way of working. These differences chip away at your team’s productivity bit by bit, and it all adds up over time.

With the existing industry out of touch with existing MSP needs, we want to bring the focus back to you, the MSP.

That’s why we decided to bring the best of both worlds together and build advanced network monitoring that’s unified with your RMM platform from the ground up.

Here’s our promise with SuperOps’ network monitoring:

A fully unified experience

Your client’s endpoints and network devices are ready to monitor on a single pane of glass. No more context-switching and digging across tools for context—let us deliver the big picture for you.

A fresh approach to monitoring

We've taken the essence of modern design and usability and fused it into our interface. It's not just about looking good – it’s about making sure you can navigate between devices and operate with ease.

Effortless deployment

Deploying your network monitoring setup shouldn’t require a long, complicated implementation. SuperOps is all about speed - convert existing endpoints into probes and start running network scans to identify assets in no time.

Packed with all the context you’ll need

There are a lot of broad and granular metrics to help you spot issues and gauge a device’s health, but it doesn’t stop there. We take it a step further to bring info about your alerts, tickets, and more to help you make the best decisions every time.

Did what you read pique your interest? Sign up for our live network monitoring webinar to get a complete overview of the module, packed with tips, insights, and best practices from our product experts. 

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