Visualize, collaborate, deliver — Project management features you can swear by

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Getting work done is hard, projects feel all over the place, deadlines slip through the cracks. Not anymore.

Whether you work out of headquarters or home office, staying on top of all your work isn’t easy. You might be a small team of well-connected, highly-collaborative folks building and shipping features at lightning speed. But as you grow so will the noise. It’s time you thought about a more agile, more effective project management strategy.

Developed with these pain points in mind, our project management solution is everything you need to make decisions quickly, plan better, meet timelines, and ship things faster.

Project management with

Make to-do lists fun

We know how satisfying it is when we move our sticky notes around in our makeshift to-do list boards. Our Kanban view is your usual to-do list on steroids. Assign tasks to technicians, manage workload, analyze capacity, and see which projects are done, ongoing and upcoming. Customize the board down to the details so it’s easier for each of your teams to work in a way that feels natural to them.

A good project management interface makes you forget it’s even there. Our user interface fits the bill.

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Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

One time you’re talking to a coworker across the desk and the other, you’re talking to someone half the world away. Context gets lost across time zones and translations. Not with our seamless chat experience. Add project descriptions, start a conversation, view history, set due dates, attach documents, and loop in people - basically everything that you need to get work done. Without a project management solution, this information gets scattered across emails, Slack, meeting notes, and spreadsheets.

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The easiest way to miss timelines and let things slip is to work with decentralized information. The way of work gives you a single source of truth to follow, enabling your teams to be on the same page.

One place, not all over the place

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Create projects, break them down into subtasks, pull in different people from different teams, and keep every stakeholder notified about progress with real-time notifications, all at a few clicks. Empower your teams with clarity on what comes next so they’re never caught off-guard. Every company has a unique way of shipping projects. Some start with a complete plan, some start with an idea and figure it out along the way—our project management solution is adaptive to all your needs. 

Don’t forget the task templates, because why keep creating the same task over and over?

No more drowning in details

Know where everything stands at a glance.png

Let projects evolve, let things change - while you rest easy knowing your teams are on track. Our vivid dashboards ensure you know everything you need to know at a single glance. Unleash your creativity, go minimalistic or over-communicate, and play around with intuitive elements for a break from run-of-the-mill monotonous tools.

Work smarter, not harder

One thing high-performing teams do differently is, they focus only on what matters and filter out the rest. Connect your teams, bridge the gaps, centralize everything in one place, and give your teams the means they need to ship successful projects on time, every time.

We can confidently say’s project management makes the cut. Take the product for a spin to know more, or book a demo to discuss your business needs with our product experts.

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