7 automation-driven ways SuperOps.ai can maximize your MSP’s productivity


We all want our business to be at its productive best to ensure that we’re making the most of the opportunities we have. But productivity only translates into tangible value when it’s channeled in the right direction.

Simply put, if we’re productive at something that can be automated, then we’re not really being productive.

That’s why “potential for automation” should be on your checklist of deciding factors when you’re choosing a PSA or RMM tool for your business. We kept this in mind as we built SuperOps.ai, making automation a crucial pillar of its functionality.

Let me show you 7 ways we’ve leveraged automation intuitively within the platform to make your life easier:

1. Runbooks

You have at least 3-4 issues that you see raised as a ticket, every day. Experienced technicians know exactly what it takes to solve them. But that might not be the case for new team members.

With runbooks, you can document that tribal knowledge that helps you solve issues quickly and set them up as SOPs that are easily accessible within a ticket.

As soon as a runbook is assigned to a ticket, the technician knows exactly which responses to send, what tasks they need to complete, and who they need to get approval from. This ensures that your technicians ramp up faster than ever and start resolving issues with minimal interventions.

runbook - 1.png

2. Automatic remediation

Let’s play out your usual troubleshooting for a minute: something happens, an alert is created, and then you check out the alert and see what’s wrong and start diagnosing the issue, usually with a simple fix. Yes, it’s straightforward but it’s also reactive.

With automatic remediation, you can automate this entire process by configuring follow-up actions, once an alert’s conditions are met. This way, if the system notices that an asset’s memory is running low, it can instantly run a disk cleanup script to instantly resolve the issue without the customer ever noticing. It will make you proactive and preempt issues.

auto remediation - 2.png

3. Workflow-based triggers

As a business owner, you would’ve spotted a few areas of your operations that could do better with automation. For these segments, you can use event triggers or time triggers—create time-based or condition-based workflows to perform certain actions automatically. It’s all DIY, so you can constantly keep creating new rules to fine-tune your business operations.

Event triggers - 3.png

4. Automated cybersecurity

Keeping your client’s network protected from online threats is arguably the most important part of an MSP’s responsibilities. That being said, it’s still cumbersome to individually manage each device's cybersecurity.

Ideally, you should be able to remotely deploy antivirus solutions on all your client’s assets, scan for viruses and stay on top of antivirus updates. And SuperOps.ai is ideal. Integrate with leading cybersecurity solutions like Webroot or Bitdefender, and set up antivirus policies to deploy and manage your client’s security needs at scale.

cybersecurity - 4.png

5. Automatic time-tracking

It sucks when you (or your technicians) forget to keep track of the time spent working on a ticket. It’s a minor human error but you do end up leaving hard-earned money on the table. Automating this is an easy way to see tangible results in revenue over time.

In SuperOps.ai, as soon as a technician opens up a ticket that’s assigned to them, the worklog timer starts to tick. No seconds wasted.

Time tracking - 5.png

6. Ticket scheduler

Routine tasks like monthly server maintenance are predictable, but it still takes effort to keep track of, and bill clients for them. The ticket scheduler in SuperOps.ai takes over the effort involved here for you by automatically creating a ticket based on the schedule you’ve set. Just create the ticket once and set a cadence.

scheduler - 6.png

7. Data backup at scale

Similar to your antivirus policies, you can also integrate with Acronis to automate data backups for your client’s assets at scale. Just configure the protection plans that each client has signed up for, and the agent deployed for assets under this policy will take care of the rest.

data backup - 7.jpeg

Time is your most critical resource. And that’s something you can get more of through automation. By pushing the grunt work to SuperOps.ai, MSPs can focus on work that creates higher impact, and delivers superior customer experiences.

Like what you read and want to try them out for yourself? Sign up for a free 21-day trial of SuperOps.ai and see the platform in action. No strings attached.

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