Your quick guide to MSP marketing


Marketing is the engine in the Ferrari of any MSP. Without it, regardless of the services and solutions you provide, you will struggle to generate new customers, or even hold onto the clients you currently have. It’s a way of stamping your identity on the market, and showcasing why prospects should choose to partner with you over a competitor. 

Marketing is the all-encompassing term attributed to promoting your company or reaching out to prospective and existing customers. However, marketing should be treated with a far more granular approach, with each aspect of marketing forming a cog in the collective wheel. Sales is often seen as an entirely separate entity, but organizations that adopt this approach do so at their own peril. In fact, marketing facilitates sales, and the success of your MSP hinges on your ability to view them through a single pane of glass and to ensure that both are working in unison and pulling in the same direction.

Tips & tricks for MSP marketing

Marketing can be an exceptionally powerful tool if leveraged correctly. Your MSP has a whole host of services, solutions, and offerings that can significantly help end-user businesses. But without the appropriate marketing know-how, they are unlikely to ever know about it! Some of the key areas of focus for your MSP marketing should be:

  • Marketing and sales alignment: It is integral that your marketing and sales teams are working collaboratively. Ultimately, your MSP marketing material should be created with sales objectives in mind. Every piece of content should act as a resource for your sales team, something that could help them clinch a deal, inform a prospective client or update existing customers on your services and solutions. 

  • Marketing plan: Without a marketing plan, a lot of the content you create could very easily be rendered redundant. You should explore different channels to promote, validify, and support other forms of content. For example, whitepapers or longform marketing collateral should be promoted through email and socials, so as to boost visibility. This should be covered in your marketing plan or strategy.

  • Managing your marketing budget: Organizations of all sizes must plan their budget. Marketing can be costly but, when deployed correctly, can also give a fantastic return on investment (ROI). 

  • Market development funds (MDF): This should certainly be a conversation between your MSP and your vendors. MDF means that vendors run and pay for campaigns promoting their services and solutions on your behalf. This will give them the exposure that your MSP may be unable to generate without the help of your vendor, and it is certainly an effective way of infiltrating new markets and customer bases. 

SuperOps: Let’s embark on your marketing journey, together

At SuperOps, we have a wealth of experience in helping MSPs market their services and solutions. We understand what it takes to separate yourself from the competition in an increasingly saturated market, and we are here to help!

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