What’s in the box: a feature roundup to start the year!


All of us have different New Year’s resolutions as we’re gearing up for 2022. For some, it might be to start a new habit, and for others, it might simply be to do better than the last year.

We made a New Year’s resolution too—it’s to free MSPs from outdated legacy software, and give them the software they need to transform their business operations. We’ve put our head down, and added a bunch of exciting features that will make the platform a delight to use.

We’ve had a super-productive January, and we can’t wait to show you how far we’ve come. Let’s get started!

Intelligent alerting

Alerts are equal parts useful and annoying. Okay, maybe slightly more annoying, simply due to the sheer number of recurring alerts that are created even when everything is perfectly normal. All this leads to a lot of noise that brings down your productivity and lets important alerts slip through the cracks.

What if your platform could learn, and tell which alerts were actually important? Enter SuperOps.ai’s intelligent alerting. Our intelligent alert management learns your client’s routines over time, and understands which anomalies are part of their usual behaviour, and which ones aren’t. This means that you only get the alerts that really matter, so you can focus on getting things done.

intelligent alert description.jpg

System tray icons

It’s such a waste to put your clients through a full set of actions, just to perform some simple system functions every single time. System tray icons help your clients circumvent the needless effort, and gives them instant access to frequently used functions, such as raising a ticket or running a cleanup script. Just a click away on your client’s taskbar, the system tray is your shortcut to customer happiness.

System tray.png

Site-specific invoicing

When you’re servicing clients with sites in different countries, you’ll need more than one encompassing invoice for all the services provided. This single invoice can become a problem, especially when these client sites operate independently. With site-specific invoicing, you can now generate custom invoices for individual sites and send them to your client. This also helps your clients get clarity on a site-wise breakdown of costs for your services each month.

Site-specific invoices.jpg

Manage your payments effortlessly with Stripe

Payments are a hassle, whether you’re making payments or tracking them. Stripe solves both those problems by integrating with SuperOps.ai. With the new Stripe integration, clients can pay outstanding invoices and manage recurring payments with ease. MSPs have more visibility into payment info across their clientele, and tracking payments regularly becomes a breeze.

Stripe integration.jpg

Heavy-duty security with Bitdefender

It goes without saying—the security of your clients’ devices is paramount. But to keep these endpoints safe, you need trusted, industry-leading cybersecurity software to protect them, and not many tools fit the description better than Bitdefender. By integrating Bitdefender with SuperOps.ai, you can create antivirus policies to protect your client networks from a multitude of online threats. Install antivirus software, keep it up to date, scan and eliminate suspicious elements from devices automatically.

Bitdefender integration.jpg

A native, built-in remote access experience with Splashtop

We just built a newly improved integration with Splashtop! You can now manage your Splashtop subscription within SuperOps.ai—all you need is one single subscription to use two awesome tools and provide exceptional remote support to your clients.

All assets.png

If you liked the features we’ve released in January, then I have good news for you: we’re just getting started.

We have more exciting features in the pipeline! Check out our product roadmap to see what's next, and add features you'd like to see in the platform.

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