6 SuperOps.ai integrations to make your life as an MSP easier

Illustration: Ram Prasath


Say goodbye to tab-tangos and context-switching. Say hello to productivity.

Imagine you are busy with back-to-back technician onboarding demos; you are so engrossed in it that you forget about a client meeting you have set up. That is until a calendar notification pops up on your Slack or your MS Teams and you are able to rush off for the meeting. And that, my dear MSPs, is the power of integration.  

Integrations take a platform from one of the places of work to THE place of work. And that’s what we are striving to do with SuperOps.ai:

To bring tools to where your teams are to save time, eliminate context-switching, and improve productivity.

Let’s take a look.


1. Splashtop + SuperOps.ai

John is a technician who works with many end users. Whenever an end user raises an issue, John will have to log into a separate tool, find the device, enter the details, and remote into the system to troubleshoot their device. He has to repeat this for every end user, every issue.

With this integration, John can use one tool to remotely access any device, find the details and troubleshoot the system. Think of all the hours of time he can save with that! Remoting is the table stake of MSPs and the foundation of all their suite of software. This integration cranks the functionality of remoting up a notch with anywhere, anytime, unattended remote sessions.

Why integrate?

  • ⁠In-session features
  • Unattended sessions
  • ⁠Bundled subscriptions
  • ⁠Auto deployment
  • ⁠Cross-platform support

Try this integration > Splashtop + SuperOps.ai

2. ConnectWise Control + SuperOps.ai

Imagine John is also new to the business and in the process of laying the foundation. He’d ideally need a solution:

  • he can use right out of the box
  • that comes with basic reporting and security functionalities
  • that enables less manual intervention and high productivity
  • with versatile customization options that reflect the brand better 
  • Our integration with ConnectWise Control fulfills all of these criteria. 

    This integration would give him complete control of end devices within SuperOps.ai while maintaining full access to the ConnectWise Control functionality, reporting, and interface. The 256-bit encryption security feature and one-click launch further complement the comprehensive device control features of SuperOps.ai very well.

    Why integrate?

    • One-click launch
    • Role-based security
    • ⁠Server-level auditing
    • ⁠SAML authentication
    • Search and filter
    • ⁠TLS and 256-bit encryption

    Try this integration > ConnectWise Control + SuperOps.ai

    3. QuickBooks + SuperOps.ai

    John still needs to get paid. He has different customers who avail different types of services. Tracking what each customer owes one by one is really exhaustive if not impossible. One might suggest he can use a separate accounting tool, but it’s not necessary he should spend on a tool just for invoicing.

    We decided to address this problem with QuickBooks integration, which would enable John to log the services he provides and generate automatic invoices instead of manually tracking tickets.

    Why integrate?

    • Accurate invoicing
    • ⁠Seamless accounting
    • ⁠Drilled down reporting
    • ⁠Streamlined client data
    • ⁠Simplified inventory
    • ⁠Cash flow management

    Try this integration > QuickBooks + SuperOps.ai

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    4. Stripe + SuperOps.ai

    Now that John can track payments easily, he wants to enable hassle-free methods to pay. Right now, there’s no visibility into invoice payment, invoices sometimes slip through the cracks, and clients find the existing payment process inconvenient.

    Our integration with Stripe, one of the comprehensive and simple payment platforms in use today, can help John facilitate payments in one place without force-fitting multiple tools together. Stripe allows payments through credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets, and is as intuitive to use as they come.

    John can easily sync his client database across SuperOps.ai and Stripe, simplify payments for his clients through ACH and card payments within the client portal, and get a bird’s eye view of each client invoice. 

    Why integrate?

    • Payment handling
    • ⁠Multi-currency
    • Automated retries
    • ⁠Open-source plugin
    • Authorization

    Try this integration > Stripe + SuperOps.ai

    5. Bitdefender + SuperOps.ai

    Now John is slowly starting to establish credibility with his clients. Can’t deny, he grows more fidgety with each passing cyberattack news he sees. He realizes he needs to ramp up security while catering to a workforce that’s increasingly becoming perimeter-less.

    He needs a solution with the capabilities to defend his entire endpoint infrastructure with threat visualizations at a granular level. He has too many endpoints to manually deploy antivirus software, just like any MSP.

    Bitdefender integration to the rescue, enabling John to deploy antivirus in all his endpoints through policies rather than individual device-level deployment. He doesn’t need custom scripts. When he wants to initiate an antivirus scan, I should be able to initiate the scan right from the asset page so that I don't have to go to my AntiVirus software to initiate them

    Why integrate?

    • ⁠Real-time data assessment
    • ⁠Advanced threat protection
    • ⁠Multi-layer ransomware defense
    • ⁠Deep security posture insights
    • Anti-tracker
    • ⁠Rescue environment

    Try this integration > Bitdefender + SuperOps.ai

    6. Azure AD + SuperOps.ai

    Security can’t be an afterthought, particularly when hundreds of users entrust you with confidential data. So thinks John. He decides to move his entire database to cloud, as his legacy system can’t cover his growing demand for agile process management.

    With this integration, John can use Azure AD as an end-to-end directory for his company or he can sync his on-prem directory with Azure AD for hybrid database management.

    He now effectively provides users cloud-based access to all the applications, data, and resources they need with tight-knit security features including such as role-based conditional access,  multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO). It is now the core mechanism through which John manages all of his internal and external applications, users, and the corresponding access information.  

    Why integrate?

    • ⁠Disaster recovery
    • ⁠Identity security
    • ⁠Integrated service delivery
    • ⁠Disruption-free process

    Try this integration > Azure AD + SuperOps.ai

    Try our integrations today!

    You may be an MSP who needs a one-stop shop for all your software needs. Or you want a platform that fits with or complements your existing tech stack instead of discarding it. 

    Either way, SuperOps.ai integrations will suit your needs! Be like John, integrate your SuperOps.ai solution with these tools and more to make your operations ridiculously simple. Or schedule a catchup and our product expert will get in touch with you with an exclusive demo. 

    Can’t find the tool you want in this list? Check out our roadmap, it might just be on the cards!

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