Launching “Road to 1 Million” resources just for MSPs


There are dreams, and then there are DREAMS. “Road to 1 Million” is one of our DREAMS.

There are dreams, and then there are DREAMS. “Road to 1 Million” is one of our DREAMS.

We speak to MSP owners and techs every single day, and have been doing so for years. From our engineering team to the sales team, we worry about how to make MSP lives and work easier with our technology. Every single feature, every single tweak, every single addition is viewed from the prism of “does this make the MSP owner’s or tech’s life simpler or better?” 

Why we started Road to 1 Million

Launching, running, and scaling up an MSP can be a lonely journey, especially for those with a small team or, even, no team. Many MSPs remain small, and “small” refers to revenues here, not ambitions. Over 80% of MSPs and IT service firms earn under $1 million. But most MSPs aspire for more; most want to get to $1 million and beyond. But, how to get there?

Your tech stack is definitely an important part of your business - after all, your PSA-RMM runs your operations - but you also need other resources to power your growth. takes care of the tech part, but can we help out with more? 

“Road to 1 Million” is our answer. 

There are resources available, but none are created, sourced, or curated specifically for MSPs wanting to reach $1 million. Until now.

We kickstarted “Road to 1 Million” with SuperSummit Live in London in May. The hope was to have a for the community, by the community event filled with insights, and devoid of any vendor pitches. And, it was a roaring success

But, we didn’t want to stop there. Offering support to MSPs is not a one-time or one-event thing. It is an ongoing exercise for us, at the heart of all we do.

It is in this spirit that we have launched the “Road to 1 Million” resources section. 

Here’s what you will find:

  • The second season of SuperPod - a podcast by MSPs for MSPs for your weekly dose of inspiration. In this season, we speak to MSP owners who have built and scaled businesses. Their from-the-trenches stories are also peppered with on-point advice and guidance that are easy to follow and implement. The first two episodes are already out - we will have a new episode every week. 
  • The Template Vault - We understand that it is not easy to create many of the much-needed business documentation that MSPs need. We have launched templates to help you out. Our templates are handy guides that you can customize. We also have checklists to make your work processes smoother. We will be adding more Templates to the Vault soon. You too can contribute to the community by sharing templates with us, and we will publish them.
  • Curated blogs - We have carefully curated articles and blogs that include insights, inspiration, practical advice on various aspects of starting and growing MSP businesses. 

This is just the beginning. We will add more resources, guides, podcast episodes, and more. Watch this space!

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