15 Dos and Don'ts for successful email marketing

Illustration: Ram Prasath


The great email fatigue is real.

I know I am not the only one who has given up trying to clean my inbox. How many of us even click on those exercise “gyan” blogs from the ridiculously priced indoor cycling bike company? I don’t even remember signing up for those. What about the enterprise-grade software stack you don’t need as an early startup but keep getting emails for? Despite unsubscribing several times?

The great email fatigue is real.

These companies probably think flooding your inbox with emails or virtually shouting at you with an ALL-CAPS SALES PITCH every other day will get them their next customer. It never works.

How to not be one of those companies?

Two words: Email etiquette.

Every individual is bombarded with tonnes of advertisements vying for their attention every single day. Why would they intentionally sign up for receiving it in their inbox? Give a reason for people to click on your emails. Give them a reason to read, which goes beyond a catchy subject line or a beaten-to-death marketing platitude. 

The game of email marketing is changing. Now is the time to address the real people behind the {first-names} in your cold emailing list.  

Here are my top Dos and Don’ts for email marketing, or in other words, the best practices or etiquette to follow while sending emails to your prospects and customers.

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