[Infographic] Why Cybersecurity should be at the core of every MSP

Illustration: Ram Prasath


When modern warfare is increasingly being fought in the digital world as much as in the physical world, cybersecurity becomes a matter of prime concern. And MSPs become warriors on the digital frontlines as they focus on keeping their clients, ranging from Government organizations and business conglomerates to NGOs and small businesses, safe. 

The challenge for MSPs and tech organizations of companies is that cyber crimes are getting more sophisticated. As they prepare for one type of security threat, a new one emerges.

This is a function of how technology is evolving. The world and all of us are living our lives more in the digital universe. Businesses too are now transitioning to a remote, distributed, login-from-anywhere-in-the-world style of working. This has resulted in techs needing to be prepared for managing and protecting a diverse set of endpoints. The device that’s for entertainment and browsing is now being used to do business critical work as well. 

The good news is that with AI and automation enabled tools getting more effective, it has never been easier to look for and track active threats and take preventive (hopefully!) measures. 

Investing in effective software and tools that protect all entry points to a network and cover all endpoints is now the very basic requirement. However, along with the tech, constant vigilance is also needed.

As can be seen from the infographic on cybersecurity below, there has been a whopping 300% rise in cybercrimes, according to the FBI, since the start of the pandemic. All signs show that such threats will only rise. The following infographic gives you a concise look at the impact of cybersecurity threats, what needs to be done to prepare for and prevent attacks and the challenges we all face in the MSP world.


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