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We are SuperOps.ai

Our mission is to build a better future for IT,
for a better tomorrow for all

Why we do what we do?

A seed of an idea germinated—that MSP software could be better.

That seed took root and grew into a belief—that we can build 
better MSP software, one that can truly help MSPs live their best lives 
and do their best work.

That seed of an idea has grown to SuperOps.ai

We superpower MSPs

Like all good stories, ours too began a long time ago. Years ago, our founders, who were working in tech organizations, built an MSP software. Years later they took a look at the industry, prepared for waves of nostalgia to wash over them as they were expecting MSP software of today to have progressed by leaps and bounds.

But, they were in for a surprise. Nothing had changed!

The IT and support MSPs were delivering to their clients had advanced, but they were doing so through MSP software built decades ago. Some of the most widely used IT delivery management software were built in the 90s, with limited, if any, upgrades.

We spoke to MSPs and they were struggling. The software that was at the heart of MSP business was clunky, outdated, slow, cluttered, and riddled with data leaks, process delays, and unwieldy design. MSPs were making do with what they could get, because there was no choice.

In 2020, the IT world underwent a rapid transformation. Companies went virtual with a significantly distributed workforce logging in from anywhere. The MSP’s job became even more critical. But the software they used to manage their entire ops, instead of enabling rapid and superfast client support, was a burden.

We knew we could build something better, much better. We knew we could build software that empowered MSPs, that solved their everyday challenges, helped them deliver the best work and support to clients and made work a pleasure.

So, we went to the drawing board and rethought service delivery from scratch. We spoke to hundreds of MSPs and worked with them to build a modern MSP platform. An MSP platform with a single-minded focus—to make best-in-class service delivery easy.

That platform is SuperOps.ai.

Arvind Parthiban

CEO & Co-founder, SuperOps.ai

Jayakumar Karumbasalam

Co-founder, CPO & CTO, SuperOps.ai

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate engineers, product architects, designers, and AI and ML experts, who are passionate about the future of IT. Collectively, we have over five decades of experience building ITSM and ITOM products. Among us are serial entrepreneurs who have scaled and sold tech startups and engineers and product experts who have designed and built tech products loved by millions of users.

We have come together because we love IT and we want to shape its future with you.





$ 17M


We are backed by

Varun Shoor

Founder & ex-CEO, Kayako

Ramakant Sharma

Co-founder, Livspace

Saravana Kumar

CEO, Kovai.co

Ashish Tulsian

Co-founder, Posist

Noel Wax

CEO, Groundswell Group

Lisa Woods

COO, Groundswell Group

Stephen Mann

Principal Analyst and Content Director at ITSM.tools

Senthil Nath

Director & Head of Design, Flexbox Digital

Sivanand Sivaram

AI advisor, SuperOps.ai

Thiyagu Sadasivam

Technical Architect, Shine Solutions Group

Abhi Kumar

Partner, Microsoft's Venture Fund - M12


CEO, CleverTap

Ankit Oberoi

CEO, Geniee International Group

William Goddard

Recognised Leader in Digital Marketing, Business Builder & Investor



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