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We need to stay relevent or go home


We have a wealth of knowledge within the MSP ecosystem. SuperPod is here to unlock it.


The world of work, of tech, and of MSP has changed. In an increasingly distributed world, where employees login from anywhere and cybersecurity threats can arise from any source, MSPs have to stay up to date and relevant at all times. We believe the best way to do this is to unlock and share the wealth of tribal knowledge that is available within our MSP ecosystem.

We launched SuperPod, a podcast series focused on all things MSP, just for this. Through SuperPod, MSP owners and subject matter experts share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics. But, they do have a common thread - how MSPs can work
 better and earn better.



P.S. I am Arvind Parthiban. I am the CEO of SuperOps.ai. I'm a seasoned IT professional and a serial entrepreneur who has built (and sold) multiple products in the IT domain.