SuperOps’ official response to recent reports on phishing campaigns


Addressing concerns on the phishing campaign using a trojanised Minesweeper clone.

Dear SuperOps customers,

We want to address the concerns you may have after reading about the phishing campaign using a trojanised Minesweeper clone. We want to clarify that the SuperOps agent, platform, or data have not been compromised. The use of SuperOps agent in this instance has been through an illegitimate account. None of our customers - their devices, accounts, or data - have been affected.

At SuperOps, your data and security are our highest priority. We understand how critical your PSA-RMM platform is, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our goal has and will always be to provide you with a secure platform to grow your business.

All of us know that our industry has, unfortunately, seen a significant rise in the misuse of MSP tools by cyber criminals. By creating fake accounts with RMM platforms, these bad actors install the agent after hacking into the systems through phishing emails. The attackers then use the agent’s legitimate functionality, which is used by countless MSPs to help their clients run their IT infrastructure smoothly everyday, with malicious intentions. 

At SuperOps, we are cognizant of these challenges, and are consistent in taking measures to prevent misuse. Our security measures are under constant evaluation, and we regularly implement new safeguards to stay ahead of these ever-changing tactics. 


1) Has SuperOps been breached?

No. SuperOps has not been breached or compromised in the attack.

2) Has SuperOps' data or my data been compromised? 

No. SuperOps’ data was not compromised. 

3) How can attackers use RMM agents for malicious purposes?

Bad actors can misuse the legitimate functionalities of any RMM agent if the end user provides access to or downloads malicious code.

4) How does SuperOps ensure the security of trial accounts?

SuperOps prioritizes the security of your trial experience. We have robust security measures that continuously monitor for and deactivate fraudulent or illegitimate user accounts. We also collaborate with security specialists to meticulously monitor our protocols and implement even stronger security frameworks when and if needed. This ensures your trial experience is safe and secure.

5) Who can I contact for further questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Thank you,
Jayakumar Karumbasalam

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