Jayakumar Karumbasalam

Co-founder, CPO, CTO, SuperOps.ai



The AI future is here - make the right choices for your MSP business

If the last year-in-tech has taught us anything, it is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not far out in the future; it is right here, right now. The question that you need to find an answer to, if you haven’t already, is how are you going to incorporate AI in your daily work and lives to ensure you are making the best use of it. This article should help you get to that answer.

Why SuperOps.ai decided to not have a QA team and how we managed to pull it off

Find out how SuperOps.ai gave software developers greater ownership of the feature building process by doing away with a separate Quality Assurance team.

How to structure your engineering-product org for faster delivery

Building software is easy. At least it used to be. All you needed was a small team of full-stack engineers with an idea, a good understanding of your ideal users, and of course, the ability to write code. Everyone did everything — participating in DevOps, writing code, being well-versed in security practices, and bringing new feature ideas for the product roadmap. Ah, the good ol’ days, I tell you.

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