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The world today runs on SaaS - Software as a Service. It has never been easier to plug in and use software to simplify and automate a variety of business processes. It’s no surprise that businesses, big and small, use a variety of cloud solutions to ramp up their operations. But it’s a different story for MSPs who manage and procure it for their clients.

MSP admins have their hands full with the grunt work of managing subscriptions, which eats away at precious time and productivity.

We want to change that and set the story straight.

That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to announce that now integrates with Pax8. With our newest addition to the marketplace, MSPs can integrate’s PSA with Pax8 and manage and bill client subscriptions, sans the grunt work.

But before we dive into all the goodness the integration has to offer…

…What is Pax8?

Pax8 is the industry’s leading cloud commerce marketplace that enables MSPs to reliably deliver a diverse array of cloud solutions to their clients. It’s a one-stop shop for different online solutions across categories, from AWS to antivirus software.

With Pax8, MSPs and IT sysadmin folks can source all the cloud solutions they need to power their clients’ businesses.

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There’s a tremendous amount of effort that goes into upkeep, management, and invoicing of subscriptions. With industry leaders like Pax8 as partners, we can simplify the process—automating as much as we can to help MSPs be more productive and deliver more value to their clientele.

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Arvind Parthiban

CEO, Founder,

So, where does come in and make things better?

Manual updates making you irate? Automate!

MSPs go through a LOT of grunt work on their PSA, just to keep their subscription pipeline running. Creating clients, manually adding subscriptions to their contract one by one, updating every single offering’s change in price… phew! It’s cumbersome, there’s a lot of time and effort involved, and the ROI simply isn’t worth it.

That’s why we at did what we do best—automate all of it.

Now, with Pax8 integrated, the platform:

  • automatically imports all your active subscriptions into your service catalog
  • automatically adds the subscriptions to the respective clients’ contracts
  • scans for any changes in subscription costs and updates them in automatically

With your subscription management on autopilot, you can focus on work that really needs your attention.

One platform for your offerings. No more, no less.

When your subscriptions are scattered across your PSA, bookkeeping tools, and cloud solutions marketplace, they get increasingly harder to manage. When you integrate with QuickBooks/Xero and Pax8, pivots to become the single repository of all your subscriptions. Even if there’s an overlap between your bookkeeping tools and Pax8, all you need to do is map them.

Flawless calculations. Every time.

Prorating is complicated. It gets even more complex, especially if there’s an impromptu increase in quantity. Calculating a separate prorate charge with a different effective date and billing it against the original quantity of subscriptions leaves too wide a margin for error.

To make your billing smooth and error-free, we automated this too! When you increase the quantity and add an effective date, the prorated charge is calculated automatically, so you don’t have to. You also have the option to immediately raise an invoice for the additional items with the click of a button. Rest assured that the numbers add up right, without skipping a beat.

One-off cost overrides—give clients that sweet discount.

You’ve probably configured a cost for service items in Pax8 that applies as a whole to all the clients you work with. But if you feel like giving clients a discount to improve relationships, or if they’ve requested one-time add-ons, it doesn’t make sense to log in to Pax8, find that service item, update the price, wait for it to reflect in your PSA, and then add it to the client’s contract. It just doesn’t.

That’s why we introduced one-off cost overrides. When you add a subscription to a client’s contract, you can open up the subscription and override the cost of the subscription added in Pax8, just for this client. This way, you can accommodate special requests for each client without changing the norm every single time.

The necessity of cloud software was never in question. Given its importance, and the challenges that MSPs face in delivering them to clients, it’s imperative to use a PSA that has your back, cuts out the grunt, enables productivity, and more importantly, brings predictability and peace of mind.

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MSPs need to manage a large number of subscriptions for their clients, and the integration into makes it easy for MSPs to do this with little friction. We’re excited to work with because of their user-centric approach and focus on solving MSP challenges

Scott Chasin

⁠Chief Technology Officer, Pax8

You can learn more about the integration here. If you’d like to try the integration out in, you can sign up for a 21-day free trial and see how it works. No strings attached.

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