Esther Shein

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IT due diligence checklist for evaluating MSPs

It’s never been a more critical time to outsource technology needs to an MSP

The hidden cost of ransomware

Ransomware was thrust into the mainstream after the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack triggered panic buying and gas price hikes in many states.

How to sell managed services to SMBs

SMBs are no different than their larger counterparts when it comes to innovative technologies: They need them and are growing more dependent on advanced systems to stay competitive.

How MSPs are pivoting to meet client needs in a post-pandemic world

For many of us, the word “pivot” became a standard part of our vernacular in 2020 as we dealt with unprecedented change in our business and personal lives. With countless numbers of businesses forced to shift their employees to a remote work paradigm — and many unprepared to do so — managed service providers became saviors.

Why the hosted model makes more sense for growing MSPs

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, closely followed by professional services automation (PSA) tools, are an MSP’s bread and butter. RMM plays an integral role in helping IT professionals monitor and manage clients’ endpoints and networks, deliver service and track issues.

The impact of AI on MSPs and what to expect in 2021

Fueled by the constant desire to unlock more operational efficiency, artificial intelligence continues to penetrate into companies in most industries, and managed services is no different.

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