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The software and technology industry is characterized by rapid change, complex infrastructure, and high expectations for uptime and performance.’s unified PSA-RMM offers an integrated approach to managing tasks, processes, and the vast network infrastructure of tech-centric enterprises. It bolsters the reliability and efficiency of software and tech companies' services and enhances the MSP's operational agility and responsiveness.


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Why for Software and Tech Company IT Management?

Enhance Team Collaboration and Simplify Operations

With, MSPs can offer software and tech clients a seamless experience by automating routine tasks, consolidating information on an intuitive dashboard, and managing tickets more effectively. This cohesive approach ensures better communication within the MSP team, leading to tailored solutions for the unique challenges tech firms face.


Proactively Address IT Challenges

The proactive monitoring capabilities of PSA-RMM tools enable MSPs to preemptively detect and resolve issues. For software and tech clients, this means reduced downtime and a more reliable tech infrastructure, positioning the MSP as a vital partner in maintaining operational consistency.


Comprehensive Oversight of Assets

With, MSPs can get an unparalleled view of all their IT assets, irrespective of location. This clarity aids in precise inventory management and resource allocation, ensuring that software companies can maximize their technological investments.


Elevate Remote Support for Tech Teams

Remote work is foundational in the tech world, and with the remote capabilities of PSA-RMM software, MSPs can provide agile IT assistance from any location. Moreover, it empowers tech teams with self-service tools, allowing them to resolve common challenges autonomously, thus ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations and boosting overall satisfaction.


Informed Decision-making for Continuous Growth

Tech companies thrive on innovation and constant evolution. With the data-centric insights offered by, MSPs can assist their software and tech clients in making informed decisions. By analyzing trends and metrics, MSPs can guide these firms towards continuous improvement, ensuring they remain on the cutting edge of their industries.


Did you know with MSPs can seamlessly collaborate and work together with the Internal IT team?

We were looking for a platform that would allow us to have our customer and the technical point of contact, sign in to the platform, and only participate with specific tickets. was ultimately the viable option. We also evaluated the big guys, the Kaseyas, the Dattos, and the Connectwises. I think it was a combination of the ticketing flow, the customizations, along with the price point that was the key for

Eduardo Contreras

CEO of AlconDTS


Eduardo Contreras

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