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What is is a unified PSA-RMM solution built for fast-growing MSPs. With cutting-edge AI and intelligent automation, this platform brings together all your core operations into a single, flexible, and cost-effective solution, making it ideal for managing co-managed IT operations efficiently.


How drives efficiency with co-managed IT?

Coherent collaboration with role restrictions

Assigning clear roles to technicians is crucial while using co-managed IT. With, you can restrict access to view only, edit, add, or delete information. This gives complete control over roles and permissions ensuring there are no over-allocation privileges.


Guarantee best-in-class security with data restrictions

Security is very crucial for MSPs. ensures this by letting you create user groups based on expertise and maps to respective clients. It offers robust security by prioritizing proactive security, tight user restrictions, and top-notch compliance.


Team up with your client’s internal IT team for an enhanced IT service delivery

Why choose

Unified PSA+RMM

Along with the goodness of co-managed IT, you also get access to a complete unified suite of PSA and RMM features.


Boost technician efficiency with industry-first AI-powered intelligent alerting to reduce noise and weed out false alerts.

Intuitive UI/UX

Easy-to-use UI and a human-centric design make the platform a real joy to collaborate and work with.

Detailed-reports for decision-making

Get detailed reports on your client’s internal IT team and your technicians to make better business decisions.


Make the best out of co-managed IT

Enable parternerships
Setup Roles and Groups
Foster Collaboration
Monitor, Refine, and Grow

Hear from our customer who uses to manage their co-managed IT clients

Eduardo Contreras

Eduardo Contreras

CEO of AlconDTS

Alcon DTS, a Managed IT services and cybersecurity industry based out of Austin specializes in regulatory and compliance requirements. They implemented for clients that required co-managed IT. Their current tool, Repairshopr had very limited co-managed IT features.

They were looking for a platform that would allow them to have their customer and the technical point of contact, sign in to the platform, and only participate with their specific tickets. was ultimately the viable option for Alcon DTS in terms of features as well as pricing.

We also evaluated the big guys, the Kaseyas, the Dattos, and the Connectwises. I think it was a combination of the ticketing flow, the customizations, along with the price point that was the key for

Eduardo Contreras

Eduardo Contreras

CEO of AlconDTS

The Co-Managed IT starter guide for MSPs

Co-managed IT is the hidden opportunity waiting for MSPs looking to support internal IT teams as they optimize budgets. Here’s a complete guide to co-managed IT to help you get started.

The Co-Managed IT starter guide for MSPs

Embark on a collaborative journey with co-managed IT


Leverage the power of’s PSA and RMM to empower your business, enhance efficiency, and drive growth

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