The Co-managed IT starter guide for MSPs

Co-managed IT Models may just be the hidden opportunity waiting for managed service providers looking to support businesses that are cutting down internal IT teams as they try to optimize budgets. To make the most of this, MSPs should explore the co-managed IT Model – a partnership that splits IT management functions between internal teams and MSPs. We’ve put together a guide to get you started on the co-managed IT journey. Here’s what it includes:

Where does the need for co-managed IT come from

Why MSPs should opt ‌for a co-managed IT model

Technology you need to provide co-managed IT services

7 tips for getting started with co-managed IT services

How SuperOps. enables MSPs to provide co-managed IT services successfully

Why AlconDTS, a Texas-based MSP, switched to SuperOps to manage their co-managed IT clients



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