Clean slate: revolutionizing IT ticketing

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IT ticketing. It’s a tricky area, we know. Because things always find a way to go south when it comes to customer service because of the tools you use.

With the various attempts at customer service in the industry, we have realized that there always is something lacking. Running a profitable and efficient business is all about control and fluidity. Still, customer support always happens to be an unpredictable area — and what you need is great online IT ticketing software.

Importance of an IT ticketing system

As companies grow in size, there is a growing difficulty in managing customer issues and IT service requests. IT ticketing software declutters all support requests and incidents from multiple channels by converting them into tickets and placing them in a singular space. It acts as a single point of contact between you and your customers.

A wide variety of IT ticketing software, both on-premise and cloud-based, is available in the market today. Its core benefits include:

  • A central vault for requests
  • The facility to convert an email, sent to a predefined alias, into a ticket
  • Web forms for self-service ticket creation
  • Automated responses to inform requestors of ticket status
  • A singular platform to track the communication between requesters and support agents
  • Collect data for effective reporting and analytics

Contemporary IT ticketing software offerings include the ability to integrate with other tools such as RMM, Helpdesk, PSA, CRM, etc.

IT ticketing: What’s the fuss?

Customer support is a key factor in making or breaking a company. And tickets are an integral part of a company’s customer support. And, a good IT ticketing tool is crucial to delivering a great customer experience.

Unfortunately, most companies have in place a nightmare-inducing ticketing system that makes the client want to throw their device away. These traditional ticketing systems are too rigid and complicated to use. They’re slow, inaccessible, and don’t play well with other tools. Most importantly, they’re impersonal. Even today, most IT ticketing tools are a drag, with their outdated interface and limited options.

Reliable customer service — honestly, is it too much to ask?

A comprehensive IT ticketing platform is what you need

Let’s address the elephant in the room — clunky user interface (UI) is the biggest enemy to technician productivity. And, barebones functionality without an intuitive user interface is like a ship without a rudder. What you need is a clean UI without any of the clutter that comes with toggling multiple tools and tabs. Additionally, your IT ticketing system should steer clear of the typical bloated email-like approach.

At, we are approaching customer service differently. The first thing we revolutionized is the UI. The small details take precedence in our IT ticketing system, each contributing to building a larger refined experience. The ticket conversation view is designed more along the lines of contemporary messaging platforms.

We have also made sure that our IT ticketing system is conversational, human, and sympathetic to the clients’ problems. The HTML text editor is intricately designed to let you format your text and add attachments (images, videos, documents), thus making sure you get the best of both worlds.

Context is key to providing the right solutions

Faster resolution sometimes doesn’t necessarily mean the right solution to a customer issue. If you want to resolve tickets faster with the right answers and solutions, you need context.

Every ticket needs to come loaded with a host of information (without being intrusive) — notes, approvers, technicians, and client contacts, to name a few. This way, you have all the information you need to answer your clients’ questions with ease and efficiency.

Intelligent automation — so you can run your business on autopilot

Response time plays an important role in deciding how an IT ticketing team is perceived. Workflow automation helps with incident response times and problem resolution using predetermined if/then logic.

At, we have automated the IT ticketing process for you. You’ll find runbooks that will let technicians know exactly what needs to be done, where to seek approval and how to respond to clients. Our online IT ticketing solution also gives you options to create custom rule-based workflows that accelerate processes and automate repetitive tasks.

Automate your responses using runbooks

Keeping your customers informed at all times is important and you can do this by automating standard customer communications. You can automate all notifications, SLA escalations, and all resolution emails to ensure that your customers understand what is happening with the tickets they have raised.

The best IT ticketing solutions like provide canned responses that can be used to answer tedious and repetitive questions. This allows you to drastically speed up your response times.

We also have in place a system that allows you to choose **whether they want to use the runbooks manually or automate them. It gives you complete control over how they want to automate your ticketing processes.

Automated ticket routing

Auto-ticket routing automatically assigns tickets to the right technician or team based on the subject line or mailbox they arrive at. This saves you time spent on assigning tickets or allocating resources.

Automation ensures that the execution of processes and workflows is always consistent. This in turn brings consistency in the experience and behavior of technicians and the outcome of processes.

Get a holistic view of everything that’s happening in your ticketing system

IT support is a convoluted blend of unforeseen, project-driven, and break-fix types of work, and navigating around it requires consistent, timely communication with end-users (and internal teams) and adherence to strict SLAs.The best IT ticketing tools help you remove the fragmentation that comes with managing IT tickets day in, day out.

An inbuilt Kanban view helps your IT support teams by bridging the communication gap between support and product teams. It acts as a shared, central point of information about tickets, tasks, and technicians.

At, we have made it easy for technicians to visualize all their work across various tickets, clients, and projects. For instance, our Kanban view provides you with overarching visibility that lets you stay updated with everything. You can also create custom views so that only relevant tickets and tasks are visible to you or your team.

Bonus: IT technician onboarding revolutionized

The key highlight of runbooks is the simplification of the onboarding process for new technicians. Our IT ticketing software lets you turn existing processes into runbooks, thereby standardizing work.

We have also designed runbooks as a way to onboard new technicians. The runbooks let new technicians know what needs to be done, how to seek approvals, and how to approach client responses.

And at the end of the day, feedback is also an important part of customer excellence. Once your work is done, you can automatically send out a quick survey that lets your clients provide feedback by rating your services

Bottom line

In a market that is overloaded with IT ticketing tools, it may seem difficult to find the right online ticketing solution for your business needs. But with, that’s easy. Using our IT ticketing tool, you can efficiently manage your incoming IT tickets and improve customer satisfaction.