wins 17 awards across categories from G2 in its Winter 2023 report


G2, one of the world’s best software marketplaces, and a review platform trusted by millions of buyers worldwide, just awarded with 17 badges across categories like Best Support, Best est. ROI, and more. officially steps into the High Performer quadrant in G2’s Winter 2023 announcement., the unified PSA-RMM platform was built to shift the tech landscape from outdated legacy tools to intuitively designed modern software for MSPs. Born in the cloud, drives efficiency and profitability for businesses through powerful automation, beautiful design, and an AI-first approach. 

Our users love us— received a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 on G2, with 89% of reviewers leaving reviews of 4 stars or higher. 

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say.

High Performer


A product is only as good as the team that’s behind it. Our product team built the unified PSA-RMM platform, keeping MSPs in mind at every turn. Consulting with 450+ MSPs, actively co-building with fellow MSPs with a transparent roadmap, and instituting a customer advisory board for constant feedback were instrumental in building a platform that MSPs would find value in, and actually love using. 

MSPs were tired of using on-premise tools that were force-fit to work together, losing context switching between tools to get work done, and outdated interfaces that were decades old. Someone posted on a social forum a while ago that using one such tool made them want to lick an electric fence. The industry’s pains were clear—and we set out to make the answer. 

Best Support


Support has been a huge pain point in the industry, with MSPs settling for subpar customer service and waiting for weeks, just to get a reply about a small issue. That was a road we were determined not to go down because creating great experiences for our customers has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our best-in-class support team leaves no stone unturned in making sure that our customers are cared for. With round-the-clock 24*5 support and speedy responses under 30 minutes, they make going the extra mile the norm with every conversation. Even now, as I type this blog, our support team currently has ZERO unresponded tickets. 

Best est. ROI


If you had a list of metrics to measure success, ROI would be at the very top of that list. was built with care to reduce clicks, provide context at crucial touchpoints, automate redundant processes, and help your technicians get work done faster. All of these benefits tie in to bring maximum value to your investment in us. 

The RMM makes operations faster and smarter by connecting tasks with just a few clicks and brings important context to the forefront. Powerful automation, patching, and policies make managing assets at scale easy. The PSA boasts a powerful help desk that uses automation to help technicians ace their service game. With a flexible invoicing module, you can manage your invoices, billing agreements, and payments with zero friction, and push for higher revenue. 

Easiest setup


If you’ve used any of the legacy tools in the market, you will be aware of the amount of operational overhead that comes with them. Manual installations, paid implementations, arduous onboarding and training workshops… the list is long and painful. 

None of that with It’s born on the cloud—that means that all you need is a browser, and some time to set things up and you can start working right away. Migration is a breeze, with DIY imports readily available for your clients, requesters, technicians, and assets. Oh, and did we mention, we support our clients’ onboarding for free?

Easiest to do business with


Doing business is supposed to be a mutually beneficial affair for both parties involved. Why make it complicated with 3-year contracts, unclear pricing, and hidden costs? 

We won’t do contracts. Not now, not ever. Our pricing is simple and transparent—what you see on our pricing page is what you get, with no extra charges. Even if our prices change in the future, our existing customers will not be affected - we will grandfather prices. You can leave at any time, with no strings attached, though we are confident our product will make you stay.  

We’re in this together, you and us, and the best way for us to grow is by giving you a platform that enables your success. These awards are a shot in the arm for our team to keep building features that will improve your business and a huge validation for all of the efforts we’ve put in so far. We’re in it for the long haul, and the best is yet to come. 

Interested in trying out? Schedule a demo with our product experts to see the platform in action.

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