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I have always believed that building a startup or a product is a privilege and a responsibility not to be trifled with. When customers and employees put their trust and faith in us, we need to live up to it. Also, the impact that a successful startup can create is immense, for not just the employees and customers but also for the larger community. That is why we want to be mindful of the manner in which we go about creating and scaling, both as a startup and as a product. We wanted to be very clear about the philosophy we would follow.

Another aspect that informed this decision was the insights we gleaned while doing product and market research before building the product. We spoke to a number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and industry experts, and the problems they shared about what they faced when dealing with their tech stack providers converged on a few common points, like unclear pricing, unethical contracts, lack of product development, and lack of approachability.

The industry was crying out for a change.

This gave us more reason to double-click on what we want our product and business philosophy to stand for. 

I wanted to share our philosophy with you.

1. We are completely transparent 

This is a core tenet of our product and our business. Transparency permeates every part of our operations. Our pricing is clearly mentioned on our website. We don’t need your credit card details for you to try You can talk to our product managers and product experts before buying our product. Our product roadmap is publicly available. Customers and those evaluating our product can suggest and vote for the features they want on our Canny board. What you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs or caveats. 

2. We will not tie you down with contracts 

One of the biggest complaints MSPs had with the legacy PSA-RMM and MSP tech players, as we mentioned above, was binding contracts with difficult-to-comprehend terms and hidden conditions. Forget unethical contracts, we do not want you to be tied up with any contract, so we do not have contracts. With our SaaS model, you can choose monthly or annual plans. What’s more, you can walk away any time you want. There are no ifs and buts; if you want your data back, you get it too.

3. We take your privacy and data security very seriously 

We understand how important data security and privacy are for MSPs and IT Service Providers. You keep your clients’ data and privacy safe and we do the same for you. We are completely hosted on AWS, our servers are in the USA, and we are SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. We are always working towards making ourselves even more secure, understanding what our customers’ requirements are, and trying to stay ahead of those.

4. We are truly unified 

Our industry is littered with companies that acquire products from here and there and then force fit them to somehow work together. They could have been built for on-prem or cloud, they could be from completely different product philosophies and use entirely different building blocks, and yet they are stitched together with some cosmetic changes, if at all. We have built as a unified Professional Service Automation (PSA), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform with built-in IT Documentation and Project Management. We have built it from scratch, so you have a seamless experience. 

5. We co-build with MSPs 

We worked closely with over 150 MSPs before we launched our product, and we co-built the product with them. This continues even after the launch and to this day, and we do not intend to change this. As I said earlier, we have an open product roadmap that MSPs can view, vote upon, and give their feedback on. We regularly consult with MSPs and senior industry experts to ensure our product approach and the features we add are in line with MSPs’ requirements. We have a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) that is made up of MSPs. In short, our product closely aligns with the aspirations of MSPs and we plan to keep it that way.

6. We have a long-term focus 

We know we are still young and are an early-stage startup. But we are here for the long run. Our long-term view informs many of our decisions, like how we focus on better usability of our product and why we have kept prices affordable. 

It is this view that makes us choose “build” over “acquire”. When companies acquire other companies, products, or tools, they need to recoup the heavy costs, and what do they do? They pass on the costs to customers. Since our engineers are building the product and every enhancement from the ground up and we are not acquiring companies or products, we do not have these costs to pass on. 

We also know our early customers are taking a bet on us and we do want to reward their faith, which is why prices are very affordable now. If and when we do change prices in the future, our existing customers won’t get affected - we will grandfather prices. 

We are here to build a future together with MSPs and our goal is to make the lives of MSPs easier and better. We hope you’ll join us on this journey. 

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