SuperOps partners with Pax8 to become the first PSA-RMM platform on the marketplace


SuperOps is also set to launch Project Vision X, the MSP’s personal guide to business success.

I am excited to announce that from today Pax8’s MSP partners can fuel their productivity and profitability through the unified PSA-RMM SuperOps platform. SuperOps is available for purchase from the Pax8 cloud commerce marketplace, and MSPs can use the AI and automation driven solution to streamline workflows and scale operations on everything from service delivery to IT documentation and project management.

While we are announcing the strategic partnership today, it is safe to say that this alliance between the two disruptors was destined to happen. Here’s the inside story.

At SuperOps, we live by a guiding principle every single day - listen to your customers. When the integration emerged as the most asked customer request in 2022, we naturally took notice, and took action. Pax8 had a predefined roadmap for integrations, and we didn’t want to keep our customers waiting. Instead, we leveraged their API to build the integration on our own.

Shortly thereafter, a senior executive at Pax8 called up our founder, Arvind Parthiban, because of the sudden buzz around SuperOps. All this happened even before I joined SuperOps as Channel Chief in October 2023.

When I joined SuperOps, I reached out to Pax8 with the intent to help solve a few customer experience opportunities. As the conversations progressed, it became apparent that the alignment was much deeper.

Disrupting together

The PSA-RMM software market has long been stagnant, plagued by expensive software, bloated tools, siloed on-premise technology, and long contracts. SuperOps decided to challenge the status quo, to disrupt this market and to offer a unified platform that truly empowers MSPs.

At Pax8, they disrupt distribution, making it more efficient and effective. Pax8 does integrate with other PSA tools, but has never sold a PSA-RMM platform on their marketplace. They had been on the lookout for a next generation unified PSA-RMM platform that matched the aspirations of their MSP partners. They found that in SuperOps, a fellow disruptor.

At SuperOps, we were certain that only a distributor sharing our vision to improve the work and lives of MSPs would be right for us. Pax8 clearly was a perfect fit.

The two companies’ archetypes aligned, as did the focus on prioritizing MSP success. It made absolute sense to join hands and disrupt the space together.

Pax8’s marketplace will also soon be integrated into the SuperOps platform, allowing MSPs to get to market faster, help them transact, and empower them to generate revenue.

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From left to right: Ryan Walsh, Channel Chief & Chief Strategy Officer, Pax8, Juan Fernandez, Channel Chief, SuperOps, Arvind Parthiban, Co-founder & CEO, SuperOps, Jayakumar Karumbasalam, Co-founder and CPTO, SuperOps, and Ritesh Rathi, Head of Engineering, SuperOps at Pax8's Beyond 2024

Project Vision X

However, MSPs face challenges beyond just delivering services efficiently to their customers.

MSPs grapple with understanding their business performance, identifying which customers are profitable for them, and if technicians are being optimally utilized, among other challenges.

The PSA and RMM tools MSPs use should ideally have all the data and information about every facet of their business and should be able to give the MSP all the insights they need about the health of their business. This is, of course, not the case with most tools in the market today.

While SuperOps does create reports and gives deep insights on multiple performance parameters, like the Smart Tracker that shows in real time how a technician’s time is being utilized, we aspired to go further.

Imagine, as an MSP, you know exactly which customer is consuming your technician’s time, or which products or services to sell, to become more profitable. Now, imagine your PSA-RMM tool not just pulling out reports and insights but also pointing you in the right direction, so you can grow your business.

This is SuperOps' Project Vision X—the MSP's personal guide to business success. Project Vision X empowers MSPs to visualize customer profitability and the processes and automation they need to introduce or change within their business to scale operations profitably. This is the first time a platform is giving MSPs the vision into their operations to create a profitable future.

SuperOps is able to achieve this for two reasons: first, the PSA-RMM is the nerve center of all MSP operations and houses all the health and performance metrics of the MSP; second, our cloud-native platform is AI-ready. Our underlying AI continuously learns the MSP's operations, crunching data over time and sharing suggestions unobtrusively.

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The MSP advantage

We at SuperOps also understand that MSPs need comprehensive support beyond just software. The SuperOps and Pax8 partnership extends beyond the mere sale of the platform on the latter’s marketplace, and integrating the Pax8 marketplace into the SuperOps platform. In the works is Pax8’s dedicated SuperOps Helpdesk that will provide Tier-1 or L1 and Tier-2 or L2 support, enabling SuperOps users with enhanced autonomy and ability to scale.

As the ability to predict the future and implement growth strategy becomes crucial, the need for training will be paramount and this will be accomplished with the SuperOps + Pax8 Academy. This innovative program will be structured to teach operations and scalability, with the ultimate goal of making MSPs profitable.

MSPs have frequently expressed the need for peer groups. We listened and will now be working with Pax8 on this and we will be making a special announcement around SuperOps + Pax8 peer groups soon.

At SuperOps, we are dedicated to empowering MSPs to become the best that they can be. It is in fulfilling this vision that SuperOps has joined hands with Pax8, and is partnering in a NEW and innovative way to deliver unique MSP value. We are proud to unveil our ambitious Project Vision X, which equips MSPs with powerful tools at their ready disposal to invest in the successful future of their business and give wings to their ambitions.

We are truly excited and cannot wait to see MSPs everywhere succeed.

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