What podcasts are MSPs listening to?


Great insights are being shared every day within the MSP community through audio. If you're new around here and aren't sure where to start, this is a great collection of the best MSP podcasts you should tune in to.

MSPs are a strong community of resilient businesses and servicer providers. And for a long time, I’d wonder what they are reading, what they listen to, and what makes those resources and podcasts more special than the others.

All this because we wanted to start our own podcast — SuperPod.

I was off to look for things that the MSP community was underserved with. One podcast, after the other, and I was already listening to at least 10 different podcasts as I was working.

And then I started taking notes. Shared it with the team. To my surprise, a colleague of mine pinged this thread, which had striking similarities to the list I made.

What started out as research, ended up as an enriching experience, and wanted to write about it on the SuperOps.ai blog.

I've curated the best podcasts that Managed Service Providers should be listening to and picked out my favorite episodes. Here they are in no particular order.


Whisky goes best with ice. But Mayron, Craig, and Joe have other ideas.

This fun-filled podcast from three MSP owners, you need to know to run an MSP business. But of course, these discussions happen over liberal shots of whisky to make the conversation lighter.

Our favorite episode: Outsourcing

Evolved Radio

This is from one of my favorite MSP personalities, Todd Kane.

For the uninitiated, he's the CEO of Evolved Management Consulting and a 'tribe elder' in 'The Tech Tribe', a community that helps Managed Service Providers get better at tech and business.

His podcasts cover anything and everything on running an MSP business — right from lead generation to the 'science' behind MSP service. It's the perfect MSP podcast in a platter (if ever there exists one).

Our favorite episode: How to price your MSP offering with Nigel Moore

MSP Radio

MSP Radio is a heck of a podcast if you want to get the best of both the tech and MSP worlds. It offers three different podcasts.

The business of tech this podcast gives you bite-sized information about what's happening in the tech world. Hosted by Dave Sobel, each episode is just 5 minutes long.

Our favorite episode: 9 trends businesses are embracing

The SMB community podcast

Hosted by the MSP legend and an industry veteran Karl W Palachuk, this is a must-listen for small businesses. His episodes have nuggets of wisdom on running an SMB business successfully. The topics range from getting paid" and building a community to discussing unique market opportunities the pandemic has created.

Our favorite episode: Tim Taylor on sales techniques that work

Killing IT

This is the third brand of MSP radio. This podcast focuses on breaking the 'silos' from tech and knowledge sharing perspectives. They bring in guests and discuss whatever is latest in tech — AI, robots, blockchain, VR, AR, etc.

Our favorite episode: Virtual Events, Economic speculation, and Office space after the pandemic.

MSP radio has something for everyone.

Accidental Tech Podcast

This podcast has existed way before 'making podcast' was a marketing checklist.It is 350+ episodes strong, and discusses everything under the hood of tech, from consumer product launches, apple watches to the new shiny gadgets in the market. If you're a hardcore techie in the MSP world, look no further.

Our favorite episode: The everything's OK alarm

Security Now

Security Now is hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. It's recorded live every Tuesday at 16:30 PT. Between them, they've hosted 750+ episodes and they cover everything consumer and business tech.

A fun trivia — Steve was the one who coined the term 'Spyware'. So keep an eye out for all his security-related episodes.

Our favorite episode: Zoom encryption, Windows 10 printer error

Hacking Humans

What is it about cybersecurity and techies? The Hacking Humans podcast dives into social engineering scams, hacking, and other criminal exploits that have affected organizations around the globe.

The podcast helps you look behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world.

So if you love stories about hacking, dark web, the cyber wire network has a lot of podcasts like Research Saturday, Daily Podcast, Word notes, Cyber Wire-X, Interview selects among others.

Our favorite episode: Your information is already on the dark web

Malicious Life Podcast

And yet another cybersecurity podcast makes it to the list but this time with a slight twist. This podcast focuses on the history of cyber crimes with reflections from journalists, experts, hackers, and politicians.

Our favorite episode: Interview with Graham Cluley

Darknet Diaries

The podcast discusses the dark side of the internet. Perhaps the show owes its popularity to the rise of cybercrime due to the shift to remote work. I’ll leave up to you to decide! But if you're someone who is interested in hacking and cybersecurity, this should be right up in your listening list.

Our favorite episode: DAWGYG


Tubbtalk is a podcast focused on the 'growth' of your MSP. The host Richard Tubb talks to one MSP owner each week, scooping out lessons from how they are growing their own MSP business. It features a variety of topics around acquisition, outsourcing, marketing, growth, and sales hacks.

Our favorite episode: Managing an MSP during COVID-19 and beyond

Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast predominantly focuses on marketing for managed service providers. It's very tactical in nature, and gives you ideas that you can 'go back to your desk and execute'. Each episode is divided into a tactical takeaway, an interview, and is rounded off with a crowdsourced book recommendation.

Our favorite episode: MSPs KPIs to track

MSP Unplugged

This podcast is solely focused on one thing — learn I.T. business. Staying true to the mission, there's a ton of content around marketing, sales, growth, cybersecurity for managed service providers you’ll find in here.

Our favorite episode: Adapt and overcome

Is there anything you’d like me to add to the list? Drop me a message.

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