Benefits of having network monitoring together with your unified platform


Network monitoring and remote management of devices are integral parts of IT management working as effective guardrails against IT infrastructure challenges.

For a lot of MSPs, IT operations are done across more than one platform with two or three different tools. They work with remote monitoring and management, ticketing, project management etc and finally a different tool for network monitoring. This creates a rather disjointed experience with differences in functionality, navigation and user experience as vital context is siloed across multiple tools.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an advanced network monitoring tool unified with your RMM:

Single pane of glass

A unified network monitoring platform along with your RMM provides a single roof under which all your assets can be managed. Since currently, many MSPs are still switching between multiple platforms to access their RMM and network monitoring, moving to a unified system saves technicians from context switching and in turn simplifying operations. 

A unified platform also allows you better control of your network and endpoints in terms of management and therefore better visibility in terms of operation. This ensures greater predictability.

Consolidated reporting

For most MSPs, monitoring the health of your system is their topmost priority. And you need a platform that can consolidate and share insightful reports. A consolidated dashboard with the most important asset and network monitoring metrics can enable you with just the insights you need to optimize performance and fast-track operational efficiency. 

SuperOps allows MSPs to create, generate, schedule and share insightful reports in the form of visually intuitive dashboards with their clients seamlessly. It negates the need of having to combine multiple reports across tools to gather information


Daily operations made more contextual

When you work on a unified platform, you are also supported by all the other modules in the platform. For instance, network monitoring can be a bit more complex for an MSP technician to handle especially with a myriad of monitoring credentials available. Documentation in network monitoring involves all its components like printers, firewalls, switches, laptops, LANs, servers and so much more. 

A unified platform mitigates that tedium by having a robust IT documentation module in place to easily manage and organize IT document categories. Network documentation should help technicians to keep everything up and running. 

Reduced complexity in deployment and maintenance

In most cases onboarding and deploying network monitoring can be a complicated process requiring senior technicians’ assistance. With a single intuitive platform, the amount of time taken to manage the deployment is vastly reduced. 

For instance, identifying a probe for network monitoring is done seamlessly in SuperOps. Download a probe or convert an already available asset into a probe to set up and get things off the ground in an instant helping you deliver value to customers quickly. 

Transparent pricing

With most functionalities spread across multiple platforms not only does the user experience become disjointed, but on a financial level it becomes more expensive for the MSP. Having a unified approach when your  monitoring tools are clubbed in with your network monitoring makes it easier for the clients to calculate their ROI. 

Most importantly, transparent pricing ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for and much value you are getting out of the tool. And monitoring ensures that due checks are made on all devices and pre-emptive actions can be made before issues arise. 


Ultimately, the goal of any MSP is to monitor and manage endpoints, troubleshoot issues, and prevent any security lapses from happening through proactive alerting and problem solving. Network monitoring mitigates the need for system admins or technicians to manually check on the health of potentially thousands of devices. 

Both network monitoring and remote management of devices are integral parts of IT management. Having a unified system in place works as effective guardrails against system downtime, infrastructure crashes and system outages. 

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