Introducing SuperPod Bytes — a new way of doing podcasts


We're doing to podcasts what Twitter did to blogs. We're starting a new wave of short, tightly produced podcasts called SuperPod Bytes because, seriously, who has the time?

Now, wait a minute! Are we suggesting that you do away with longer podcasts? Absolutely not.

If you looked at any podcast directory, it becomes quickly evident that successful shows come in a wide variety of lengths and styles. For instance, the highly popular Critical Role routinely publishes episodes that average three hours. On the other hand, The Daily hosted by Michael Barbaro has a religious following of listeners who prefer tuning in for more byte-size content.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to podcast length.

All things great and are small.

Podcast shows capitalize on the absence of a built-in time limit and are celebrated for their capacity to dive deep. But even an hour-long run time can be a heavy lift for listeners. Particularly in a time when there is an overload of information but only limited time to consume it. The good thing is not all great podcasts play the long game. Some are as short as one-minute episodes, like SuperPod Bytes.

On average, podcasts are 38 minutes & 42 seconds long.

— Pacific Content after analyzing 10 million podcast episodes

We understand that it usually takes a significant investment of time and attention to get to grips with a new podcast. With SuperPod Bytes, our money is on a shorter podcast. This way, you could get through 10 episodes of SuperPodBytes in less than one-fourth of the time it'd take you to listen to a longer episode!

We decided to create episodes long enough to fit into our listeners' our guests' and lives and not a second longer.

Think outside the MSP box.

When we launched SuperPod — the no-filter MSP show, we didn't put a timer on our episodes. It is meant to be a free-wheeling session where MSP experts and business owners can dive deep into the challenges of running an MSP business and how to overcome them.

While it's going great for us, it wasn't enough. Within the MSP space, there is no shortage of advice on how to do something — be it marketing, sales, operations, management, or finance. But haven't we been looking at all of this from the inside? Don't you think it's time to think outside the box? That's when we decided to bring onboard guests from outside the MSP space to expand the resource pool, diversify the guest list, and enable MSPs to benefit from their expertise.

Come for the insights; stay for as long as you want. There's something for everyone on SuperPod Bytes.

Wondering whether these tips and advice will work for you? Why don't you come, see it for yourself? What do you have to lose anyway? It's only going to take a minute and you'd have learned something new.

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