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Managing and maintaining IT infrastructure while ensuring data security and compliance is essential in the healthcare industry. With our unified PSA-RMM software, MSPs can streamline business operations, automate workflows, and provide proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure from a single platform. is HIPAA compliant with rigorous security measures to help MSPs secure their platform and safeguard Protected Health Information


Securing your client’s health data is made easy with


Why choose for Healthcare IT Management?

Remotely manage assets and clinical devices

No more running around the facility, manually attending to each device. Keep track of all your assets and clinical devices with a remote monitoring tool. enables seamless remote assistance, ensuring smooth operations and quick issue resolution.


Ensure complete security with HIPAA and more offers an incredibly robust platform that adheres to strict HIPAA compliance standards. Along with other security aspects like SSO, SSL, 2FA, IP Whitelisting, Custom mailbox, etc., helps MSPs stay compliant with stringent regulations to keep their customers’ information safe.


Backup your critical health data

It is crucial to protect your critical healthcare data. With our PSA and RMM solution, you can integrate with robust backup tools like Acronis to automate backup for all devices in your network to protect against emergencies and is easily recoverable when needed.


Stay Current with Patch Management

Let be your reliable partner in keeping your assets up-to-date with the latest patches, reducing security risks. You can also automate the patching process for visiting doctors or nurses whose devices are not online frequently or on a daily basis. This keeps your healthcare systems up to date with the latest security fixes.


Enhanced data security with security text fields

Secure Text Fields was specifically designed for MSPs serving the healthcare industry to add an extra layer of security. understands the critical nature of healthcare data, especially when it involves Protected Health Information (PHI). With Secure Text Fields, data is encrypted during transit, rest and also while being stored.

4 security promise

Technician login

SuperOps is a fantastic tool for managing IT support operations. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to streamline workflows, track customer requests, and manage team performance. The platform’s automation capabilities and integrations with other popular tools make it a great choice for IT service providers of any size.

Johan Meintjes

CEO at TimeTec SA (Pty) Ltd


Johan Meintjes

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