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The education industry is now heavily dependent on technology for most functionalities including teaching, learning, and administrative operations. Maintaining and managing the complete IT infrastructure will be challenging for schools and universities. With a unified PSA-RMM software, MSPs can streamline business operations, automate workflows, enhance service delivery, and enable proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure from a single window.


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Why choose for Educational IT Management?

Keep track of all the assets’s RMM tools offer insights into the functioning of the school networks and systems, which helps MSPs predict and prevent hardware failures. Predict system failures before they occur and make downtime a thing of the past.


Stay up to date with Patch Management

Let be your wingman and ensure your assets are up-to-date with the latest patches, reducing security risks. Automate and schedule scans to identify missing patches, new patch releases, deploy approved patches, and much more.


Improved Incident Management with Effective ticketing’s PSA ensures that all school and university IT issues, including system malfunctioning to login issues with the school and university's online portal, are efficiently tracked and resolved. Automate ticketing, prioritize issues based on your metrics, and keep your clients in the loop at every step.


Leverage Project Management to boost productivity

Boost your productivity and profitability with our comprehensive project management tools. You can efficiently plan, manage, and execute IT projects for your clients in the education sector. Our intuitive UI/UX makes managing clients, technicians, and projects easier.


Stay on top of security and data protection offers the best-in-class security features to protect your assets and software from malicious online threats. You can control your platform’s security through short session timeouts, stringent password policies, set authorized IP ranges, and more.


SuperOps is a fantastic tool for managing IT support operations. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to streamline workflows, track customer requests, and manage team performance. The platform’s automation capabilities and integrations with other popular tools make it a great choice for IT service providers of any size.

Johan Meintjes

CEO at TimeTec SA (Pty) Ltd


Johan Meintjes

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