OneIT Solutions, a UK-based MSP, provides vital IT support to schools, academies, and small businesses through pre-arranged support visits and help desk support.


Stockton-On-Tees, North Yorkshire, UK



The Challenge: Fragmented tools and limited scalability.

OneIT Solutions struggled with a patchwork of tools for remote access, helpdesk ticketing, and patch management. This disjointed approach created data silos, hampered workflows, and limited scalability as they aimed to support more schools.

We had disparate platforms. Our remote support tool didn’t meet our needs and our helpdesk was off on its own regarding patching.

The Solution: A single platform for managing all IT operations.

SuperOps replaced the fragmented tools with a single pane of glass, offering remote access, PSA functionalities, and a robust helpdesk ticketing system. This simplified approach eliminated the need for constant context switching, boosting workflows and saving valuable time for their technicians.

With SuperOps, it's all under one pane of glass. From a remote access point of view, it's brilliant.

The Result: Complete and Total Satisfaction

With SuperOps, OneIT Solutions delivered a superior customer experience for schools. The platform's self-service options facilitated faster issue resolution, while proactive monitoring minimized disruptions and ensured optimal IT performance.

We can do more and more in SuperOps as a proactive measure, rather than being reactive. We can monitor stuff proactively with SuperOps and kind of get resolutions out there before the customer reports to us.