Advanced Monitoring agent - The What, How and Benefits

Advanced Monitoring Agent offers real-time, granular device insights for MSPs, streamlining IT operations, troubleshooting, and ensuring constant uptime. The tool supports varied business scales and needs, automating routine tasks, providing intelligent alerts, and enhancing productivity and security for businesses globally.

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What is an advanced monitoring agent?

An Advanced Monitoring Agent is a fine-tuned piece of software that helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT service providers manage devices such as servers, workstations, and other network devices through continuous monitoring and delivering real-time asset information to technicians to simplify troubleshooting and ensure high uptime.’s modern Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is driven by an advanced monitoring agent that captures broad and granular metrics alike to ensure that no issue slips through the cracks and that MSPs are kept in the loop at all times.

How does’s Advanced Monitoring Agent work?

The Advanced Monitoring Agent in’s RMM is remotely deployed onto the devices that the MSP or IT service team would like to monitor. Once the Advanced Monitoring Agent is installed on the asset, it then starts collecting a wide range of asset metrics and then transmits them to the technician’s workstation in real-time. Unless the asset is switched off or disconnected from the internet, the Advanced Monitoring Agent delivers information without skipping a beat, ensuring that you always have visibility into the health of an asset. 

On top of this, these agents simplify the maintenance and management of devices at scale by automating a multitude of routine tasks to boost productivity and keep systems running smoothly without manual intervention. 

With RMMs powered by advanced monitoring, MSPs and IT teams are fully equipped to support the remote workforce of the future by:

  • Fixing issues through remote access solutions and background tools

  • Constantly monitoring for issues through conditional and intelligent alerting and immediately notifying technicians 

  • Schedule patch updates and software deployment across sites

  • Auto-deploy antivirus and data backup to the network through the monitoring agent

For whom is the Advanced Monitoring agent most helpful?

The Advanced Monitoring Agent is a powerful assistant for technicians and admins in the managed services and IT service management domains. 

When this agent is backed by a powerful RMM, they’re well-equipped to handle the IT operations of businesses of different sizes, verticals, requirements, and geographies. It supports MSPs and IT teams of all sizes, from newly emerging one-man shops to large MSPs that support complex requirements of enterprise businesses that are spread across the globe. 

What does the Advanced Monitoring Agent do?’s Advanced Monitoring Agent has diverse capabilities, fine-tuned to streamline important IT operations to ensure maximum business uptime, security, and efficiency.

With automation at the core of’s RMM, the advanced monitoring agent simplifies the bulk of a technician’s work, across reactive and proactive troubleshooting, maintenance, and endpoint protection against cyber threats and emergencies.

The best part is that the monitoring agent needs no downtime - which means that the agent will constantly scan for trouble 24x7, even when you’re asleep to ensure peak network uptime and business continuity.

Here are some must-have features in’s advanced monitoring agent:

  • Granular monitoring and management of metrics for different types of endpoints (servers, laptops workstations, etc.) across different locations

  • Intelligent alerts powered by AI deliver accurate alerts that help technicians eliminate noise and focus on critical issues on CPU usage, disk health, device memory, etc.

  • Powerful rule-based alert system to instantly notify you of breakages and remediation capabilities to proactively respond and resolve issues

  • Remotely accessing workstations to diagnose issues through remote sessions, and fixing them without leaving your workstation through remote background tools such as the Windows Registry Editor, Remote File Explorer, system terminal, etc.

  • Remote deployment of antivirus and backup solutions at scale through the advanced monitoring agent through which you can manage routine scans, cleanups, and backu

What are the benefits of using an Advanced Monitoring Agent?

Advanced monitoring software, powered by remote monitoring and management can empower businesses to become more productive while keeping them safe from cyber attacks. Critical operations can break, customers are left hanging, and businesses can come to a standstill without constant care and protection from MSPs, and can play a crucial role in enabling MSPs and IT teams to do their work diligently. On top of this, powerful network monitoring solutions can constantly monitor your client’s networks to notify you if vital network devices such as routers, switches, servers, etc. are down, so you can fix it immediately.’s RMM gives you a detailed report of asset health, patch summary, and more to help you gauge a client’s network health and act accordingly. 

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