Cold email scripts for MSP sales prospecting

The MSP market is very sticky – so sticky that only 5% of the market turns over every year with the average sales cycle being 90 days. It means out of every 100 prospects, only 5 looks to shift in a year. It means you'd be competing against all the MSPs in your locality to get that 1 client out of 100 prospects in 3 months.

The cost of acquiring new prospects can also be high, depending on how you’re acquiring them. The good news is that there are some low-cost ways to acquire prospects. Like emails.

But not many folks in the MSP space enjoy writing cold sales emails or follow-ups as much as they enjoy setting up high-tech servers for a client. If you're one, we have curated these cold email scripts just for you.

What this template includes:

Best practices for email marketing

Cold email scripts for sales prospecting



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