A different PSA software. The good different.

Let's cut to the chase.

As a managed services provider, you probably know what a professional services automation software or PSA software is, does, and what features it should have. So we'll skip to the part where we tell you how our PSA system solves your IT operational issues differently. And then, you can take it for a spin and see it for yourself.

Stop running your IT helpdesk out of your inbox

Your IT helpdesk is an integral part of your MSP operations (and your PSA application). It's one thing to solve your customer's IT issues efficiently. It's a whole other thing to optimize your technician's productivity while ensuring your client's IT needs are taken care of.

What you need is professional services software with a powerful ticketing system that lets you act on tickets as easily as conversing with a friend on a messaging app. Each ticket should have all the necessary information and context you need to resolve more tickets faster.

There's nothing like using an IT helpdesk that comes packed with intelligent automation, no? You could auto-route tickets to the right technician or team based on the subject line or inbox they arrive at, and set up autoresponders so you don't violate response SLAs — imagine the kind of time you'd save by taking the manual out of your ticketing processes!

Using SuperOps.ai, you could be doing all of this without any hassle that comes with IT ticketing.

Our rich HTML editor lets you format your responses, attach documents and files like you would in an email. The Kanban view helps you visualize work across projects and clients so you can plan your day better and get things done faster. Runbooks make it easy for you to onboard new technicians faster because they have a ready checklist of how to act on a ticket or issue.

You need a PSA that plays well with your RMM tool

You know that a PSA tool is the central repository of MSP processes, clients, assets, inventory, billing information. And an RMM tool helps you do the work that your PSA tool tracks. You need a remote monitoring and management system that plays well with your PSA software and the other way around.

When you have a unified PSA-RMM platform, you can easily inventory all your clients' assets in a matter of hours with automatic scans using a discovery agent. You can even configure custom fields to track the asset details, history, files, documents, and associated tickets.

Such a platform should also let you create and set up hierarchical and group policies and roll out the ones that work best for you. This way, you get a comprehensive overview of what's updated, what's outdated, on what device, and for what client.

And guess what, we have just the platform for you — SuperOps.ai. Unlike existing tools in the current market, we have stitched PSA and RMM together. Instead, we have unified the two from the ground up. All of the data flows so seamlessly between PSA and RMM that they don't really feel, look, or seem like two different tools but a single platform.

Problems with existing PSA that we've solved with SuperOps.ai:

  • You'll be running a robust IT helpdesk and delighting your clients.
  • You no longer have to use multiple tools, switch tabs, or work in silos.
  • You'll know what everyone on your team is working on, at any time.
  • You'll be going from leads to deals in no time.
  • You'll have powerful, intelligent automation that lets you go autopilot on your business.

Your PSA has client management with built-in CRM capabilities, doesn't it?

It's not easy managing clients, nurturing leads, and handling contracts, invoices, and documents using spreadsheets. You need to organized by housing all your client information, tickets, projects, and communications in one place.

You should also be able to update client records, send accurate invoices, and get paid, all the while focusing on accelerating your revenue streams. It makes it easier to delight your customers and stay efficient. Well, these are table stakes and must-haves in a PSA.

A quick PSA software comparison will tell you that most of the PSA systems available in the market today are limiting. Imagine if your service automation software could also serve as an organized database of all your prospective clients in one place. And helps you engage with and nurture prospects by sending personalized emails and convert leads to deals. The best PSA software should empower you to do all of this.

Guess what! It's possible with SuperOps.ai. In fact, our professional services accounting software lets you set up intelligent automation to calculate various charges, combine them all into a concise invoice, and automatically email it to your clients.

With SuperOps.ai, the possibilities are endless and we won't ask you to take our word for it. But, can we interest you in a free trial?