Selectgroup - Managed Service Providers offering IT support to small and medium businesses.


Hull, UK

Competitors trialed


Synchro MSP

Key SuperOps features used

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Remote Desktop Management 

Remote Access/Bundled Splashtop 

Policy Management 



The mission: remove operational inefficiencies, provide top-notch client service, grow Selectgroup into a full-service, profitable MSP

When Matthew Fenton, Director of the UK-based MSP Selectgroup, took over the reins in 2019, he had big ideas for the small but stable business. Matthew’s 19+ years of experience in the MSP space helped him quickly identify the No.1 area of improvement - operational efficiency.

The challenge: finding a capable, easy-to-use, cost-effective RMM solution

Matthew knew he had to enlist the help of an RMM solution to achieve his goal. He first tried legacy solutions, like Syncro and Datto.

But neither solution could support Matthew’s goals of growth and modernization for Selectgroup. After all, you can’t fight legacy operational issues with legacy tools.

Once I started using Datto, I realized if I needed access to all the functionalities I required, I would have to pay a much higher fee, and that was beyond my budget. I tried SyncroMSP. It kind of said it would do everything, but it absolutely didn't.

The solution:’s intuitive UI, bundled Remote Desktop, and automation that sometimes works “too well”

His search eventually led him to And since adopting the platform, he’s not looked back.

Having SuperOps automating so much of my work just frees up my time. I used to have to spend a lot of my time on the phone and I really wanted to get away from that. Now, the time I spend on the phone will be only about 20% of what I used to spend earlier.

With, Selectgroup’s clients didn’t have to contact and wait for IT support to fix their issues. Clients got instant resolution and excellent support from the platform, while technicians got more free time in their hands.

That’s not all. Technicians could also track the time they spent on each client and bill them accordingly, ensuring transparency and profitability.

The (good) consequence: less time fixing issues and firefighting, and more time growing the business

With automatically fixing most client issues, Matthew and his technicians could focus on providing tech consulting to customers, increasing the client base, and driving profitability.

I'm doing more active selling, more active audits of current customers, and providing them a better service, because I've now got more time to do that.

The ultimate result: peace of mind

With his MSP business on autopilot, Matthew doesn’t have to constantly be on the alert. He no longer has to wake up in the middle of the night or start work right out of bed. He knows the platform would’ve run those scripts, executed those policies, and resolved those alerts, so he has something he’s never had before - peace of mind.

SuperOps has given me time and peace of mind. That’s everything. That's all I need.