Junior Machine Learning Engineer

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New Zealand

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About your role at SuperOps

SuperOps is one of the hottest SaaS startups to be funded during the ‘funding winter’ of last year. We are in our expansion phase. Our unified award-winning platform helps IT service providers manage their clients' tickets, monitor clients’ IT infrastructure, maintain IT documentation, and manage clients’ projects. We have a number of paying customers and are looking for passionate individuals to join us on this journey of growth.


I find the culture at SuperOps so refreshing. If I were distill it to one word, it is to be treated as an 'adult'. I have the freedom to take decisions, question things and nurture the culture at the organization itself. It also means that I am accountable and have the responsibility to behave as a professional. In this 'knowledge' industry, it is the people and culture who are the assets and I feel 'rich' at SuperOps.


Sivanand Sivaram

Senior Director - AI

You'll be responsible for

Building data and machine learning pipelines.

Analyzing, transforming and interpreting data - building machine learning models.

Collaborating and working across teams, taking ideas from product managers, breaking them down into data science and engineering tasks, research and development of machine learning pipelines.

You're someone who

Is curious about AI, machine learning, data science and engineering

Have data engineering skills looking to learn data science and AI or have data science skills looking to learn data engineering or have backend engineering or cloud engineering skills looking to learn AI and data engineering

Are familiar with git, software engineering processes, CI/CD

Have experience with SQL, Java and/or Python

Bonus if you have knowledge of AWS, Google Cloud, big data

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