Mapping Your Calendar: 24 MSP Events to Attend in 2024


Discover key events for 2024, to unlock success in the MSP world! Mark your calendars to power your MSP journey with expert insights and networking.

Mapping Your Calendar: 24 MSP Events to Attend in 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), staying informed and connected is crucial for success. The year 2024 presents several opportunities for MSP professionals to network, learn, and stay updated on the latest industry trends. Let's look at the list of must-attend MSP events, for this year.

1. SuperSummit Roadshow 2024

SuperSummit Roadshow is back for 2024, promising another dynamic experience for MSP professionals. With insights from over 8 MSP experts, this edition is set to be a thrilling journey through the latest trends, strategies, and collaborative discussions within the managed services space. Join us for an immersive experience that will empower you to navigate and excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of MSP. 

  • New Orleans

When: March 1, 2024

Where: The Royal Sonesta, New Orleans


  • Tampa

When: May 31, 2024

Where: Tampa, FL


2. SMB TechFest

SMB TechFest is a dynamic conference that brings together MSPs, VARs, and industry experts. With a focus on the latest technologies and business strategies, attendees can expect insightful sessions, hands-on workshops, and valuable networking opportunities.

When: February 8-9, 2024

Where: Irvine, CA


3. MSPExpo

MSPExpo is a dynamic event tailored for Managed Service Providers and IT professionals. It provides a valuable platform for MSPs striving for excellence in today's rapidly evolving technology landscape.

When: February 13-15, 2024

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL


4. CharTec Academy 

CharTec Academy focuses on empowering MSPs with business strategies and technical knowledge. With hands-on training and industry-specific insights, attendees can enhance their service delivery and business growth.

When: February 27-29, June 11-13

Where: Bakersfield, CA



ASCII events are regional hubs for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT professionals, fostering networking and knowledge exchange. These gatherings feature insightful sessions, collaborative discussions, and the latest solutions, creating a dynamic environment to enhance expertise and address regional MSP challenges.


Here’s the list of upcoming ASCII events for this year:




ASCII California

Feb 28-29

Costa Mesa, CA


March 20-21

Houston, TX

ASCII Colorado

May 22-23

Denver, CO

ASCII Illinois

June 26-27

Chicago, IL



July 24-25

Boston, MA

ASCII Canada

August 21-22

Toronto, CA

ASCII Missouri

Sep 25-26

St. Louis, MO

ASCII Florida

October 23-24

St. Petersburg, FL

6. Right of Boom

Right of Boom is a purpose-built cybersecurity event tailored for MSPs, with a primary objective of providing empowerment. This event aims to cultivate cyber resilience, driving both growth and profitability within the organizations associated with MSPs.

When: March 6-8, 2024

Where: Las Vegas, NV


7. N-able Empower Party 

The N-able Empower Party is not just a conference, but a community gathering for MSPs. This event focuses on empowering MSPs with the knowledge and tools needed for success, along with fostering a sense of community among industry professionals.

When: March 25-28, 2024

Where: Frisco, TX


8. MSP Community Minds

MSP Community Minds is a collaborative gathering where MSPs can share regional insights, discuss industry trends, and build a network of like-minded professionals. The event emphasizes community building and knowledge exchange.

  • Nashville

When: April 17-18, 2024

Where: Nashville, TN


  • Denver

When: July 24-25, 2024

Where: Denver, CO


9. PAX8 Beyond

PAX8 Beyond is a comprehensive event that delves into the future of cloud services and technology. MSPs attending can expect deep insights into cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies, presented by industry experts.

When: June 9-11, 2024

Where: Denver, CO


10. CompTIA

CompTIA is a leading technology association, and their event covers a wide range of topics relevant to MSPs, including emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and industry best practices. Attendees can expect to engage with industry experts and explore the latest advancements in technology.

When: July 30 - August 1

Where: Atlanta, GA


11. Black Hat USA 2024

Black Hat USA is a globally recognized cybersecurity event that attracts professionals from around the world. MSPs attending can gain insights into the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and defensive strategies to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

When: August 3-8, 2024

Where: Las Vegas, NV, USA


12. Taylor Business Group (Big Big Conference)

The Taylor Business Group's Big Big Conference is a comprehensive gathering that focuses on business strategies, leadership, and growth for MSPs. Attendees can expect to participate in interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions to enhance their business acumen.

When: August 22-24, 2024

Where: Hollywood, FL


13. CanITCon

CanITCon is a comprehensive IT conference that covers a wide range of topics, including managed services, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. MSPs attending can gain insights into the latest industry trends and connect with experts in the Canadian IT community.

When: September 8-10, 2024

Where: Kelowna, BC


14. TechCon Unplugged

TechCon Unplugged is a unique event that combines technical training with networking opportunities. MSPs can expect hands-on sessions, workshops, and discussions on the latest technologies and trends in the MSP industry.

When: September 12-14, 2024

Where: Hanover, MD


15. Channel Futures Leadership Summit

The Channel Futures Leadership Summit is a premier event that brings together industry leaders, executives, and MSP professionals. Attendees can expect high-level discussions on the future of the MSP industry, leadership strategies, and emerging technologies.

When: September 16-19, 2024

Where: Atlanta, GA


16. IT Nation Connect Block Party 

IT Nation Connect Block Party is a unique gathering that combines the festive atmosphere of a block party with the networking opportunities of a professional conference. MSPs can expect to connect with peers, industry leaders, and technology partners in a relaxed and engaging environment.

When: November 9, 2024

Where: Orlando, FL


17. SITS (Service Desk & IT Support Show)

SITS is a prominent event focusing on service desk and IT support. Attendees can explore the latest innovations in IT service management, engage in informative sessions, and connect with industry experts.

When: April 17-18, 2024

Where: London


18. ChannelCon CompTIA

ChannelCon by CompTIA is a global event that brings together IT professionals, MSPs, and industry leaders. The event covers a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies, business strategies, and collaboration opportunities.

When: Yet to be announced

Where: London

19. Managed Services Summit Benelux

Managed Services Summit Benelux provides a platform for MSPs in the Benelux region to discuss industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. The event covers a spectrum of topics related to managed services and technology.

When: 2nd July

Where: Amsterdam


20. IT Nation Connect APAC Party 

IT Nation Connect APAC Party is a celebration of the MSP community in the Asia-Pacific region. The event provides an opportunity for networking, community building, and sharing experiences among MSP professionals in the APAC region.

When: August

Where: Sydney, Australia


21. MSP Community Block Party

The MSP Community Block Party in Sydney, by The MSP Initiative is a festive gathering for MSPs to network, share insights, and celebrate community spirit. Attendees can expect a lively atmosphere with networking opportunities and engaging activities.

When: August

Where: Sydney


22. Managed Services Summit London

Managed Services Summit London is a key event for MSPs, offering insights into the latest technologies, business strategies, and best practices. Attendees can engage with industry leaders and peers to enhance their expertise.

When: 11th September

Where: London


23. Managed Services Summit Nordics

Managed Services Summit Nordics focuses on the specific needs of MSPs in the Nordic region. Attendees can explore regional challenges, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of managed services.

When:1st October

Where: Stockholm, Sweden


24. Managed Services Summit Manchester

Managed Services Summit Manchester provides a regional perspective on managed services. Attendees can expect discussions on local market dynamics, collaboration opportunities, and strategies for business growth.

When: 9th November

Where: Manchester, London


These events offer valuable opportunities for MSP professionals to stay informed, connect with industry leaders, and gain valuable insights into managed services. Mark your calendars to make sure you don't miss out on these events that can impact your MSP journey in 2024!

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