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Acronis + SuperOps

Keep backup data safe from modification or deletion by malicious software using Acronis - SuperOps integration.







What is Acronis

Acronis helps you strengthen security by integrating backup and anti-malware solutions. Secure client data, advance data recovery posture, and provide an additional layer of protection to your assets in SuperOps with Acronis.

You need an active, paid Acronis subscription to enable this integration.


Why connect Acronis and SuperOps

Safe data recovery

Reinforce your recovery strategy with top-of-the-line contingency plans to mitigate losses in case of any incident.

Multi-layer threat protection

AI-powered behavioral assessment of potential threats to prevent attacks in real-time, before any harm could occur.

Single click integration

Set up your integration with SuperOps in one click.

All-in-one cyber protection

Enable malware prevention, data protection and management, and backup and data recovery, all through a single console.

Cybersecurity posture evaluation

Assess the overall security posture of your client systems with a cyber fit score derived using a variety of security metrics.


How to set up Acronis for SuperOps

  • To enable the integration in SuperOps, please ensure you have a paid Acronis subscription.

  • Navigate to Settings and click on 'Marketplace'.

  • In the list of integrations available, click ‘Integrate’ next to the Acronis app.

  • Enter your Acronis datacenter URL, client ID, and client secret key, and click ‘Connect’.

Check out our solution article for a detailed walkthrough of the integration.

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